Au Letter Pattern Word Search Puzzle

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Au letter pattern is used when different words have the same sound as short letter "O" such as lawn, yawn, jaw, claw, draw, and law, and sometimes it also includes the sound of letter "L" on it such as ball, salt, hall, tall, haul, and mall. At first glance, au letter can be pretty difficult to understand, but all it needs is a little practice to be able to grasp the real deal with this pattern. Since we are talking about practice, why don’t you start with this word search by finding words that have au letter pattern on it?

Words In This Word Search

August, Autumn, Beautiful, Because, Cautious, Saucepan, Naughty, Daughter, Laugh, Vault, Taught, Haul, Trauma, Aura, Fraud, Fault, Caught, Pause, Cause, Caution, Paul

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