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Being able to write a coherent sentence in English is one thing. Being able to compose an intricate piece of prose is quite another. Advanced English composition takes a lot of time, effort, study, and skill to accomplish. If you’re aiming to excel at English composition, then it’s important to familiarize yourself with certain terms and how they may apply to your writing. This word search puzzle is a fun way to learn a few of these important words. See if you can find all of these advanced English composition terms in our word search puzzle, then start writing your next piece!

Words In This Word Search

Allegory, Ambiguity, Antithesis, Atmosphere, Colloquial, Denotation, Euphemism, Genre, Hyperbole, Imagery, Inference, Invective, Metaphor, Oxymoron, Paradox, Parallelism, Pedantic, Personification, Prose, Rhetoric, Sarcasm, Satire, Semantics, Synesthesia, Syntax

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