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Alice in Wonderland was made by Disney in 1951, and is based on the Alice books by Lewis Carroll. There are so many characters in this dark fantasy - did you know that a lot of children find Alice in Wonderland scary? I mean there is the grinning, disappearing Cheshire Cat, and other strange looking creatures in the forest. Or perhaps you enjoy this movie and wish you could have some tea with the Mad Hatter? Maybe celebrate your unbirthday? Of course you have to watch out for the Queen of Hearts She could easily order the cards to chop off your head These characters, amongst others, are hiding in this puzzle, can you find them?

Words In This Word Search

Alice, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, The Dormouse, March Hare, Caterpillar, Dodo, Duchess, Mock Turtle, The Gryphon

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