Popular Anime Shows Word Search Puzzle

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Japanese animated television shows, commonly referred to as anime, are a cultural phenomenon throughout the world. Millions of adults, teens, and children, enjoy watching anime shows on television every day. If you are or ever have been an anime fan, then you likely know some of the most popular anime shows that have been on television; at the very least, you’re sure to know about the worldwide Pokemon craze that has affected multiple generations. This fun word search puzzle includes the names of 9 popular anime shows. See if you can find them all. Did we include the title of your favorite anime?

Words In This Word Search

Cowboybebop, Samuraichamploo, Iczer, Labluegirl, Bleach, Lupiniii, Vampireknight, Pokemon, Deathnote, Utena, Voltron, Fatalfury, Streetfighter

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