4 Letter Words, Beginning In S Word Search Puzzle

In this puzzle you will be searching for four letter words that begin with S. Here are some clues to help you find them all. This word means to lightly bounce on your feet, or toss a stone upon a still pond. If you feel unwell, with a stomach ache or the flu you are this. A fraud, swindle, or a dishonest scheme. To propel your body through water by use of your arms and legs. A type of wide bottomed boat usually used for dredging. The covering of the body, or the film layer that covers cooked milk products as they cool. A small store. The past tense of the word meaning having viewed. To demonstrate, or a performance. To transport via water. The word that means to happen in a short time. The word that means that two things are equal or equivalent.

Words In This Word Search

Skip, Sick, Scam, Swim, Scow , Skin, Shop , Seen, Show, Ship, Soon, Same

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