"ough" Words Word Search Puzzle

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The English language is a truly wonderful thing. Given the context alone, the same series of letters used in a row can make a multitude of unique sounds, and a whole host of different meanings can be derived simply from one sound – take "there" for example. One of those aforementioned patterns of letters that can form a plethora of different sounds is "ough". Whether at the start, middle or end of a word, this one syllable can create a handful of unique noises like "uff", "owe" and "awt" phonetically. How many can you locate right now in this "ough"-inspired word search?

Words In This Word Search

Through, Cough, Trough, Enough, Rough, Tough, Dough, Though, Although, Bough, Borough, Thorough, Bought, Brought, Fought, Nought, Ought, Sought, Wrought, Thought

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