"-le" Letter Pattern Word Search Puzzle

As contrived as it may seem at times, the English language does, in fact, consist of patterns that can come across quite naturally and can even help to remember an abundance of different words when learning it as a second language. In this case, we'll look at the "-le" pattern. There seem to be many words that end with "le," and it's not tied down to one category either. Verbs, such as "settle," "shuffle," and "giggle" all fit the bill, while nouns like "rifle," "bible," "pickle," "table," and "purple" all do too. Some words even fall into both categories depending on the context, such as "handle" and "circle." See how many you can spot!

Words In This Word Search

Table, Able, Marble, Bubble, Wobble, Stable, Scribble, Bible, Noble, Little, Title, Bottle, Beetle, Kettle, Battle, Settle, Middle, Fiddle, Needle, Idle, Cradle, Puddle, Poodle, Single, Struggle, Giggle, Gargle, Eagle, Angle, Sprinkle, Ankle, Tickle, Tackle, Chuckle, Pickle, Handle, Candle, Bundle, Purple, Apple, Shuffle, Rifle, Trifle, Uncle, Circle


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