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Curious. Spacious. Hilarious. All these word and hundreds more end in the -ious suffix, which gives the meaning "full of" or "having the qualities of" to its base words. Based on Latin, the -ious ending typically changes a noun into an adjective. For example, in a basic sense, "spacious" means "full of space." Adding the -ious suffix requires removing one or more letters from the original word: "space" loses an E to form "spacious." This rule also works in reverse with most words. Removing -ious from the word "mysterious," you are left with something that is full of mystery.

Words In This Word Search

Various, Serious, Previous, Obvious, Religious, Curious, Conscious, Anxious, Precious, Ambitious, Suspicious, Unconscious, Furious, Mysterious, Cautious, Delicious, Glorious, Vicious, Notorious, Spacious, Dubious, Prestigious, Tedious, Contentious, Infectious, Luxurious, Oblivious, Ingenious, Precarious, Piousgracious, Harmonious, Spurious, Hilarious, Devious, Ferocious, Malicious, Subconscious, Conscientious, Victorious, Prodigious, Insidious, Noxious, Envious, Impervious, Superstitious, Fictitious, Laborious, Nutritious, Judicious, Pernicious, Copious, Pretentious, Contagious, Illustrious, Rebellious, Surreptitious, Injurious, Tenacious, Vivacious, Industrious, Luscious, Imperious, Studious, Precocious, Supercilious, Delirious, Atrocious, Gregarious

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