Words Ending With "-ary" Word Search Puzzle

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Recognizing recurring letter patterns is an important skill when it comes to understanding the English language. If you’re studying English in any capacity, you’ll recognize that many letter patterns happen again and again throughout many English words. One such pattern is the word ending "-ary". You’ll find these three letters at the ends of many words in the English language, and you may notice that these words can be either nouns or adjectives. This fun word search puzzle will give you a little bit of practice recognizing words that end with "-ary". See if you can find all the words we’ve hidden here and identify which part of speech they are.

Words In This Word Search

Anniversary, Auxiliary, Boundary, Centenary, Commentary, Complementary, Complimentary, Contemporary, Dictionary, Estuary, Extraordinary, February, Hereditary, Imaginary, Library, Necessary, Primary, Ordinary, Salary, Sanctuary, Secondary, Secretary, Stationary, Summary, Temporary, Voluntary

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