Countries Hangman Games

This country consists of four parts
Easy countries for ESL.
Guess some of the countries where French is spoken!
countries of europe
Get the countries in Africa
Many types of countries
Asian countries
Pogodi gi drzhavite vo Sredna Evropa!
name of countries
Try to find all the countries
What are the countries?
countries in africa
countries my exchange students come from
For out project for Core 21
Pupils are asked to find the names of these capitals
these are the countries of the world most of them are in ASIArn
Spell the countries
countries game
peole don´t know
Just a random bunch of words
alphabet order
hangman is one of the most popular games in the world!! you can play this game anywhere because all you need is paper,pencil.
It contains names of TOWNS,COUNTRIES AND CITIES.
What are the capital cities of our partner countries?
Guess the country.

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