Business Hangman Games

Business English Hangman
Slovicka do business english
Name this service.
latin meaning for "let the buyer beware"
Functional Languagern
Quiz 2
Play the hangman game to find out which hedgefund manager who was responsible for the 2008 financial crises and who is a Hillary Clinton donor and Clinton Foundation business partner is a client of Mossack Fonseca and has set up multiple front company's in the Cayman Island that have financial arrangements with the Clinton Foundation
Business Vocabularty
describe business
starter for organisational structure
Business admin words ...
Identify these answers on behaviors in business based on the questions provided
business key words 1.1
There are two teams, you take it in turns to pick a letter, first team to guess the word gets a point, the team with the most points wins!
Business Plan
career prep
business words
Play Hangman to learn the business terms!
a hangman game for words associated with sources of business
Vocabulary from chapters 8-10
Unit 1 and 2
effective business planning day
Effective Business Planning Day components

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