Create Hangman Game

Make your own hangman word game


Create Your Own Hangman Game

Hangman is a popular game used by teachers to hone the vocabulary and spelling skills of their students. Offline, this educational game is played by drawing blank letters for the chosen word on a paper & letting players guess the letters. For every incorrect guess, a part of the man drawn. If the entire picture is complete before the word is spelled out, the game is lost. If the player can guess the word before that, he wins.

Hangman is a classic game to help improve the player's vocabulary and interest in reading and writing. It helps students and children in the recognition of word patterns and spellings which mostly is impossible to be taught until they're seen in context. Best of all, Hangman teaches in a fun and engaging way!

You can now play the game online and learn in your spare moments. Excellent for word addicts, or those who want to expand their vocabulary, the Hangman is easy to play online. Play a game or create your own hangman game to teach your child or students! Educational word puzzles are addictive, engaging and super fun.

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