Popular Hangman Games


Basic Colors

Guess the color
Attempts: 122300
Created date: Nov 12, 2009


Guess my favorite fruits.
Attempts: 7439
Created date: Oct 28, 2009

Adverb Of Frequency Hangman Game

Guess adverb of frequency
Attempts: 2502
Created date: Jul 24, 2011

Subordinating Conjunctions

a fun easy way to learn the subordinating conjunctions
Attempts: 2244
Created date: Sep 27, 2012
Attempts: 2137
Created date: Aug 29, 2011
Attempts: 1498
Created date: Feb 7, 2017

French Hangman

PLay here to learn French words
Attempts: 965
Created date: May 10, 2011

Levels Of Organization

Structural and functional levels in human anatomy and physiology.
Attempts: 686
Created date: May 8, 2012
Attempts: 638
Created date: Jul 3, 2011

Los Dias De La Semana

The Days of the week in Spanish Hangman Game
Attempts: 590
Created date: Sep 30, 2010

Latin And Greek Root Words

channel for water to flow through
Attempts: 580
Created date: Mar 23, 2012

Teen Life

Here you are going to prove that you learned all the vocabulary related to teenagers.
Attempts: 573
Created date: Nov 25, 2016

Technology Words

Technology found in the computer lab?
Attempts: 559
Created date: Apr 26, 2010

Christmas Hangman

An amazing christmas hangman!
Attempts: 556
Created date: Dec 12, 2016

Networks And Their Equipment

Here is the hangman game for working out the different pieces of equipment required for a computer network
Attempts: 483
Created date: Dec 27, 2016

One Direction

one direction
Attempts: 467
Created date: Mar 6, 2012

Musical Instruments

Play this hangman and find out if you know the musical instruments in English.
Attempts: 447
Created date: Nov 21, 2009

Daily Life

Guess the word before the hangman burns
Attempts: 439
Created date: Dec 4, 2016

Hangman Months Of The Year

A game about the months of the year.
Attempts: 434
Created date: Jun 4, 2010

Snsd Games

cute or not
Attempts: 429
Created date: Sep 13, 2012


Attempts: 420
Created date: Oct 10, 2012

Different Types Of Computers

Use the hangman answers to complete your gold task
Attempts: 346
Created date: Feb 11, 2017
Attempts: 317
Created date: Mar 22, 2018

Hangman: D.gray-man Characters

Characters from D.Gray-Man. Find out which character!
Attempts: 316
Created date: Jul 7, 2012

Unknown Files

There are seven words for you to put together.
Attempts: 315
Created date: Mar 25, 2017
Attempts: 310
Created date: Sep 2, 2012

Tone And Mood Game

Its to build your knowledge about tone and mood
Attempts: 307
Created date: May 1, 2012

Spanish Pronouns

try to remember the Spanish pronouns!
Attempts: 303
Created date: Oct 5, 2011
Attempts: 255
Created date: Mar 6, 2018

Long U Sound

long U sound
Attempts: 247
Created date: May 24, 2012

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