Chemistry Brain Teaser

what kind of solution has a pH below 7.0?
acidic solution
what kind of solution has a pH above 7.0?
alkaline solution
what is the term used to identify anything that occupies space?
give an example of physical change
a rusting nail
atoms make up elements, elements make up matter, therefore, all matter is comprised of?
all matter that is living or once was living contains carbon and deals with?
organic chemistry
basic substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances are called?
two or more of the same atoms joined together by a chemical bond is a?
when two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom, the result is water, which is called?
a compound
carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen are the building blocks of?
amino acids (proteins)
what makes up the primary composition of hair?
a solution with more positive hydrogen ions than negative ions is?
a pH of 5 is how many more times acidic that a pH of 6?
10 times
in what pH range is skin and hair?
4.5 -5.5
distilled water with a pH of 7 is considered?
a mixture of two or more kinds of molecules, evenly dispersed would be a(n)?
in the process of making a cup of instant hot chocolate, what would the powdered chocolate would represent?
a substance that is able to dissolve another substance is called a(n)?
mixtures of organic substances and a medicinal agent are?
what is formed when two or more non-mixable substances are united with the help of a binder?
mixtures of fats and oils converted to fatty acids by heat and then purified are?
when the instructions on a products state to shake well before use they are most likely a(n)?
which of the following terms means non-mixable?
which of the following classifications would identify emulsions that are generally used by salon professionals?
what is the primary ingredient in shampoos?
deionized water
what is hydrophilic?
water loving
what is lipophilic?
oil loving
End Of Game
what kind of solution has a pH below 7.0?
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