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Throughout the years, a lot of professions have appeared and disappeared without much notice. People have always been interested in new things, new ways in which they could influence society. Today, a professions needs to be learned in years of practice and schooling, but before that you should understand what it really means.

To help you with that, we already have a number of very interesting questions and some samples. A profession is a vocation founded upon specialized educational training, the purpose of which is to supply what? Medieval and early modern tradition recognized only which three professions? Professions tend to be autonomous, which means they have a high degree of what? Too easy? Then wait no longer and head on to the full Profession trivia.

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Profession Flashcards

  • Side A: ANKLE
    Side B: CAVIGLIA

  • Side A: EYEBROW

  • Side A: LABBRO
    Side B: LIP

  • Side A:

  • Side A:
    Side B: EL PILOTO

  • Side A:
    Side B: EL / LA POLICÍA

  • Side A: I. A. Powers of Courts and Other Bodies to Regulate Lawyers
    Side B:       1. State Regulation - every state has its own bar and its own rules for professional conduct.     2. Self  Policing By Attorneys   Mandatory Reporting of Professional Misconduct - an attorney must report "violations which raise substantial questions about a lawyer's or judge's honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness."

  • Side A: I. B. 2. Admission to the Profession - Permissible Standards
    Side B:   Permissible  Standards - to be permissible, these standards must have a rational relationship to the fitness to practice law.       Good Moral Character - acts of moral turpitude = lack of good moral character.     Educational Requirements           J.D. From Accredited Law School       Mandatory Continuing Legal Education         Bar Examination     Bar Application Procedural Requirements           False  Statements       Concealing Material Information       Exception: Confidential Communications OR       Refusal to Answer Legitimate Questions      

  • Side A: I. B. 3. Admission to the Profession - Impermissible Standards
    Side B:   Citizenship Qualifications - standards requiring an attorney be either a US citizen or a citizen of the state are unconstitutional.   Political Beliefs       Exceptions           Refusal to Swear Allegiance to the US Constitution       Actively Affiliating with Organization with Illegal Objectives AND Specific Intent to Further Those Objectives      

  • Side A: Flight attendants
    Side B: They look after passengers.

  • Side A: Dentists
    Side B: They look after patients

  • Side A: Barbers
    Side B: They shave men's beards and cut men's hair