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Questions On The End

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When Did the U.S Declare War on Germany
 April 16, 1917
What New countries were the result of WW1
Czecholoslvakia Yugoslavia Romania Bulgaria Poland East germany
What were the key parts of total War
The Economic downfall What to do with all the women with jobs Family Welfare Injoured soldiers
Key Facts About Brat
Was part of the treaty of Versielle Was created in the june of 1919  
What are some of the majour contributers of Germany's Surrender?
-The Navel Blockade -U.S Joining the war -Canada getting more men due to consription
Put In Order a) Unrestricted Submarine Warfare b)Zimmerman Telegraph c)Halifax Explosion d)Lusitania Sinks e)Czar Nicolas Abdicates f)Consription
When did_________Happen? a)Unrestricted Sub Warfare b)Zimmerman Telegraph c)Halifax Explosion d)Lusitania Sinking e)Czar Nicolas Abdicateing f) Consription g) U.S Join h)Russia Leave
a) Jan 1917 b)Feb 24 c)Dec 1917 d)1915 e)March 1915 f)1917 g)April 1917 h)Dec 1917