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The Flashcards Are To Help Me Study World War II Vocabulary. Its A Mixture Of Names, Topics, And Ideas. 

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long term causes 
treaty of Versaillesdeaths from world war Iglobal and local economytotalitarianismacts of aggression 
short term causes
germany invades PolandJapenese agressionPearl Harbor
effects of the war
millions of deathsholocaustu.s emerges as a super power
giving in to an agressor to keep the peace
allied powers
axis powers
germany italyjapan
a new kind of lighting war
nonagression pact
between Hitler and Soviet Leader to not attack eachother and divide Poland in between them 
battle of britain
britain and germany fought for control of the skies.  British Royal Air force saved the day
lend-Lease Act
allowed the USA to lend $7 billion worth of weapons and supplies to Great Britain 
Battle of the atlantic
fight to control the ocean trade routes, between britain and germany 
atlantic charter
agreement to work for peace after the war ended
pearl Harbor 
december 7, 1941.  japan attacks hawaii and is sucessful. pushed the USA to war, 
selective service and training act
first peace time draft in historymean 18-45 years old were taken into the military
wartime production bond
supervised the conversion of factories to wartime production
Fair enployement practices committee
prevented discrimination in war industries and government jobs
forced relocation and inprisonment of people
german afrika korps generalfought the allies for 2 years over 1500 miles"desert Fox'
general of Britain who stopped Rommels advances
british politicianoutraged by the act of appeasement letting hitler take land
munich conference
meeting where british french and german leaders met to give germany control of the sudatan land 
US general landed british and american forces in west of egypt
battle of wl alamein
ronnels advancement
battle of stalingrad
germanys attempt to take a city, but surrendered losing 200,000 soldiers
in france (normandy) june 6, 1944, allied soldiers land and have the largest sea and land invasion in history
general in the d day battle broke through germanys line in july
battle of the bulge
surprise attack. germanys last offensive attack but it fails and they get pushed back and begin to defend the rest of the war
commander of the US navy who cracked the code of the Japan naval.  he knew where japan would attack next
battle of coral sea
allies and japan.allies won due to the fact that nimitx had cracked the naval code
general of the US made the stand against Japan along with the filipino forces
bataan death march
japan marches more than 70,000 americans and filippinos to prison camps
battle of midway
june 3-6, battle of carrier bared airplanes between US and Japancrippled Japans navy
island hopping
WWII strategy of conquering only certain islands that were important to get closer and closer to Japan 
battle of Leyte gulf
largest naval battle in history..allies won
suicide japenese plains into allies ships
manhatten project
developement of the atomic bomb employing 600,000 workers
atomic bomb
nucleur weapon that produced an explosion by splitting atoms.  2 were dropped in Japan in WWII 
vice pres. who became preseident when FDR died
german leader, began WWII, killed many, began the holocaust, chancelor, leader of the Nazis
how many people died
50 million6 million were Jews 
dates and places of atomic bomb dropping
august 6, 1945- hiroshimaaugust 9, 1945-nagasaki
V-E day
vicotry in Eurpoe day May 8, 1945 officially ending WWII
V-J Day 
vicotry in Japan dayaugust 15, 1945
the Nazis killing of some 6 million Jews and 3 million other people in WWIIattempt to kill all Jews
how the war came to and end in Europe and Asia
europe- once hitler commited suicide they did not really have a leader and eventally surrenderedJapan- a little more stubborn and 2 atomic bombs were dropped until they finally surrendered 
how did the war affect US home front
supplies and food were rationedwar time production sales went upwar bonds women took mens jobskids worked for supplies
why did the US stay neutral for so long
did not want to fight in a european warisolationismwere still recovering from WWI economy