World War 1 And The Russian Revolution 1914-1924

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World War 1 And The Russian Revolution 1914-1924

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a nonbiding agreement to follow common policies (France and Britain signed an entente-1904)
the glorification of the military (the rise of militarism also helped to feed the arms race)
Alsace and Lorraine
lost border provinves that the French lost in there defeat in the Franco-Prussian War 
final set of demands (Austria sent Serbia a sweeping ultimatum)
prepare its military forces for war (when the plea failed,Russia mobilize)
a policy of supporting neither side in a war  (Italy and Britain still remained uncommitted,Italy chose to stay neutral for the time being)
a deadlock in which neither side is able to defeat the other (they didn't know that the coflict would turn int a long,deadly stalemate)
large gas-filled balloons,to bomb the English coast   (Germany used zeppellins to bomb the English coast)
(submarine) on German side, used to damage the Allied side,sinking merchant ships carrying vital supplies to Britain
a vital strait connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean
T.E Lawrence
(colonel aka.Lawrence of Arabia) British government sent T.E Lawrence to support the Arab revolt