World Studies Section 7.3 And 7.4 Quiz

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World Studies Section 7.3 And 7.4 Quiz

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Ferdinand Magellan
Circumnavigated the globe while looking westward route to the Spice Island in East Asia.
Triangular Trade
Exchange of cotton good and weapons for slaves, slaves for plantation goods, and plantation goods for manufactured goods.
Prince Henry
Largely responsible for Portugal’s interest in exploration. "The Navigator"
Vasco de Gama
Made overseas route from Europe to India and the East Indies available
Columbian Exchange
Massive exchange of products and goods between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres
Amerigo Vespucci
Created a world map with new continent named America after him.
Treaty of Tordesillas
1492 agreement between Spain and Portugal moved the line farther west determining the land each country could claim.
Hernan Cortes
Invaded Mexico with about 600 men and seized the great Aztec city of Tenochti.
Francisco Pizarro
Led men on an expedition to the capital of the Ican empire in what is now Peru and claimed the land from present day Ecuador to Chile for Spain.
Ponce de Leon
1513 founded Florida.
William of Orange
Led a revolt against Philip using guerrilla warfare to keep the Spanish army confused.1579 northern provinces declared their independence from Spain.
Middle Passage
Brutal part of the Triangular Trade where slaves were shipped overseas.
Charles V
Powerful king who was torn between conflicting demands as king of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor.
Spanish officials who represented the monarchy in Spain's colonial empire.
Christopher Columbus
Searched for a shorter route to Asia from Spain by sailing west.
Guerrilla Warfare
Military technique of relying on swift raids by small bands of soldiers.
What are reasons why the Dutch was successful in the 1600's?
Excellent traders. Excellent sailors. Practiced policies of religious tolerance.
What are reasons why the Atlantic slave trade prospered in the age of exploration?
Increase of colonization increased the demand for slaves. Native Americans not able to be used because they died of diseases. Money.
Why did the Spanish Empire decline after becoming so powerful?
Many religious/political wars. Shortage of food. Inflation. Emigration. Exiling of Jews + Moriscos. Lack of industry.
Francisco Pizarro
Claimed land from present day Ecuador to Chile for Spain
(In nations such as Spain)Shortages in food or goods would cause prices to_____________.