World History Chapter 13 Sections 3-5 Quiz

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World History Chapter 13 Sections 3-5 Quiz

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Group of counselores to the pope drawn from the highest ranks of the clergy
Order issued by the pope closing all curches in a region and forbiding preiest from preforming sacraments
Tax collected by the church, equal to one tenth of a person's income
Danish king who ruled england and most of scandinavia
King Canute
Archbishop of Canterbury assassinated by Henry II's Knights
Thomas Becket
English Lord whose revolt against Henry III led to the establishment of Parliment
Simon De Montfort
Represenitive body made up of three major social classes in France
Estates General
German King crowned emperor of the Romans in 962AD
Otto I
The practice of temporal rulers appointing bishops
Lay Investure
Allianc eof Italian cities that resited Emperor Frederick Barbarossa
Lombard League