World History Ch. 6 The Roman World Takes Shape

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World History Ch. 6 The Roman World Takes Shape

It's On World History Ch.6 The Roman World Takes Shape Numbers 6.1-6.2

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Rome began as what kind of city state?
small, and in Italy, but ended up ruling the entire Mediterranean.
______ is in the center of Italy
Rome is much eaiser to unify than ______.
The ancestors of the Romans were known as what?
the Latins
When did the Roman ancestors come into italy>
by 800 B.C. and settled along the Tiber River over seven hills. (Rome)
Roman ancestors were also what?
Greek and Etruiscans
________ civilization greatly influenced Rome.
Romans drove out who in 509?
the Etruiscans
The most powerful governing body was what?
The senate?
senate had some ___ members, who were _______.
300, patriarchs
who made the laws and served for life?
the senators
each year, the senators chose __ consouls from the patrician class.
What were the tasks of the people from the patrician class?
to supervise the buisness of the goverment and command the armies.
The people from the patrician class could only serve _ term.
This provided a system of check on gov't _____
They could also choose a _______ in times of war to rule for __ months
dictator, 6
_______ were the farmers, merchants, artisans, and traders.
In 450 B.C. plebians pressured the gov't to write down ____.
The plebians wanted the gov't to write down laws why?
so they could appeal judgements handed down by patrician judges for the 1st time.
_______ could veto laws they thought were too harmful for plebians.
Plebians forced the _____ to choose plebians as consuls nad open the senate to plebians.
______ of the U.S. gov't would use some of thier ideas.
the pressure of territoral expansion gradually weakened and than crushed teh _______.
As rome expanded, it came into conflict with ________.
Carthage was where?
on the north coast fo Africa.
Rome fought __ wars with Carthage.
1st one-Rome won _____, _______, _______.
Sicily, Corsica, and Sardina.
2nd one- General _________ led its army on an Epic march across teh mountains to surprise the Romans from the North.
Rome still beat Carthage and, Carthage did what?
Gave up all its lands except Africa.
3rd one-Rome _______ ______ Carthage, and killed or enslaved its people
Romans were commited to a policy of what?
what is Imperiasilim?
Establishing control over foreign lands and people.
Roman eventaully won _______, _________, and parts of ____ _____ as provinces.
Greece, Macedonia, Asia Minor.
Other regions like _____ allied with Rome.
By 133 B.C. Roman power stretched from ______ to _______.
Spain to Egypt.
Small farmers couldn't compete with cheap ______ prices and went to the cities looking for jobs.
The early _______ ideals for simplicity, hard work and devotion to duty were replaced by greed and self intrest.
Two young patriaarchs, __________ and ___________.
Tiberius, and Gaius Graechus.
Senators set off a wave of violence and did what to the brother?
killed them.
Rome plunged into a series of ______ _____ over who shoudl hold power.
Civil wars.
Armies were _____ to commanders.
_______ _______ came to power and forced the senate to make him _______ and became the absolute ruler of Rome.
Julius Ceaser, dictator
Ceaser pushed through a series of ______ including public works to employ the jobless and give land to the poor.
Introduced a what?
New calander.
Rivals worried how he would make himself _____ and did what to him?
king, stabbed him at the senate.
Death provoked more what?
Civil wars.
Ceasers grand nephew _______ beat ________ ________ and Clopatra.
Octavion, Mark Antony.
The ideal roman woman was what?
loving, dutiful, dignified, and strong
______ woman played a larger role than Greek woman in society
Many ____ class had tutors (often ____)
upper, greek
Gods and goddesses resembles those of ________ and _______.
Etruscans, Greeks.
Jupiter, counterpart of Greek's ______.
Zeus was the head of gods and what?
the sky
Zeus's wives were who?
Neptune, and Juno
Neptune was the god of what?
Sea (like Poseidon)
Juno was like who?
Had many ______ to honor the gods and to ensure divine favor for the city.
By 270 B.C. Romans controlled most of the _________ peninsula
Rome was secessful why?
because of thier loyal, well trained army, who fought without pay.
How did Rome treat conquered lands with justive?
they had to recognize Roman eladership, pay tases, and provide soliders, but keep thier own customs, money, and local gov't
Rome built what to link terretories?