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v. to resign, formally give up an office or duty; to disown, dicard
The police officer abdicated or resigned after his injury.
S-step down, relinquish, renounce. A-retain
v. give as a gift; provide with lodgings
He gave money as a bestow on her birthday.
S-grant, confer, lodge, put up. A-receive, take back, take away
adj. able to hold much, roomy
The truck was capacious in size compared to the little car.
S-spacious, commodious. A-cramped, confined, restricted, narrow
adj. able to burn or eat away by chemical action;biting, sarcastic
When using caustic chemicals, make sure not any products get in your eyes.
S-burning, corrosive, sharp. A-bland, mild, sugary, saccharine
n. strong movement to advance a cause or idea; v. to campaign, work
Scientists crusade inventions and new ideas.
S-campaign, organized movement
v. injure/destroy the surface/appearence of; damage value, influence, face down, outshine
Anyone who defaces private property is penalized.
S-mar, disfigure. A-repair, restore, renovate, recondition
n. an order forbidding the trade in or movement of commercial goods; any restraint/hindrance; to forbid to enter or leave port, to forbid to trade with
The U.S. embargoed the port from entering the United States.
S-stoppage, ban, boycott
n. false notion or belief; an error in thinking
On the test, she had a fallacy or misconception, and did not get the answer right.
S-misconception. A-sound reasoning, logic
n. lack of seriousness. earnestness, especially about things that should be treated w/respect, buoyancy, lightness in weight
Having levity or lack or seriousness may make it hard to understand what's going on in class.
S-giddiness, flippancy, frivolity, fickleness. A-seriousness, humorless, solemnity

n. beggar; adj. depending on begging for a living
Someone who doesn't have a job may become a mendicant or beggar.
S-panhandler. A-millionaire, phlianthropist
v. to make sick to stomach, to fill with disgust
The cruse made her nauseated.
S-sicken, disgust. A-delight, tickle pink
v. to nullify, deny, bring to nothing
Receiving to many tickets may negate to not have a license.
S-cancel, invalidate, annul. A-affirm, confirm, corroborate, buttress
adj. vitally important, essential
When someone has a baby it is pivotal that the family knows.
S-crucial, critical, decisive, seminal. A-unimportant, insignificant
n. one who recieves; adj. recieving, able/willing to recieve
At the end of the year, she was a recipient to an award for academics.
S-deceiver, beneficiary. A-donor, benefactor, contributor
n. an action desgined to confuse or mislead, a trick
Just like a decoy, a ruse is meant to mislead.
S-stratagem, subterfuge, dodge
v. to become filled to overflowing; to be present in large quantities
Schools teem with children and teachers.
S-abound, swarm, overflow. A-lack, be wanting
n. an opinion, belief, or principale held to be true
His tenet is that his favorite subject is math.
S-doctrine, precept
adj. easily managed, easy to deal with; easily wrought, malleable
The puppy was tractable to deal with when it was being trained.
S-submissive, docile, yielding, amenable. A-unruly, obstreperous, refractory
adj. clumsy, akward; unwidely
When someone is new to a sport sometimes they are ungainly or clumsy.
S-graceless. A-nimble, agile, supple, graceful
adj. having a huge appetite, greedy, ravenous; excessively eager
On Thanksgiving, many people are voracious or greedy when it comes to the food.
S-gluttonous, insatiable, avid. A-indifferent, apathetic