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Amplify (v)
to make stronger, larger, greater, louder, or the like
armistice (n)
a temporary peace, halt in fighting
arrogant (adj)
haughty, to convinced of one's own importance
gentle, soothing, mild, lacking interest of taste
disclaim (v)
to deny interest in or connection with; ti give up all claim to
epoch (n)
a distinct period of time, era, age
estrange (v)
to drift apart or become unfriendly; to cause such a separation : to remove or keep at a distance
Gratify (v)
to please, satisfy; to indulge or humor
infinite (adj) (n)
exceedingly great, inexhaustible, without limit, endless :: preceded by the uncalculable number the concept of infinity. A name for God
irascible (adj)
easily made angry, hot tempered
kindred (n) (adj)
a person's relatives; a family relationship;; related by blood; like, similar
naive (adj)
innocent, unsophisticated, showing lack of world knowledge and experience
niche (n)
a decorative recess in a wall; a suitable place or position for a person or thing
obliterate (v)
to blot out completely, destroy utterly
ramshackle (adj)
appearing ready to collapse, loose and shaky
ransack (v)
to search or examine thoroughly, to rob, plunder
rote (n) (adj)
unthinking routine, a fixed or mechanical way of doing something;; based on a mechanical routine
solvent (adj)
able to meet one's financial obligations; having the power to dissolve other substances;; a liquid used ti dissolve other substances; something that solves, explains, eliminates, or softens
tedious (adj)
long and tiresome
vendor (n)
a person who sells something