Veins And Special Circulation

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Veins And Special Circulation

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Which veins (superficial/deep) have names that do not correlate with arteries?
The internal jugular veins takes blood from what area?
venous sinuses
What veins pass through the transverse vertebral foramina?
vertebral veins
The external jugular veins drain what area?
superficial regions of the head and musculature of the skin, scalp, face
The brachiocephalic veins take blood to what vessel?
superior vena cava
Is the radial vein a superficial or deep vein?
WHere is the median cubital vein found?
anterior cubital fossa
What vessel receives blood from the ulnar vein?
palmar arch veins
What region of the body houses cephalic vein?
anterior and lateral forearm and arm
Blood from the right axillary vein travels next to what vessel?
What vessels take blood to the left femoral vein?
anterior and posterior tibial veins, popliteal veins, small saphenous veins, fibular veins
In what region of the body is the great saphenous vein?
medial aspect of the lower limb / thigh
Where does blood flow after it leaves the femoral vein?
external iliac vein
A common iliac vein receives blood from two vessels. What are these two vessels?
external and internal iliac vein
What is the functional nature of the portal system, and how is it different from the regular venous return flow?
a series of vessels takes blood from the capillary beds of an organ (or organs) through a series of veins and then to another capillary bed 
What major vessels take blood to the hepatic portal vein?
Inferior and superior mesinteric, gastromental vein, hepatic portal
In the fetal heart what is the name of the shunt between the pulmonary trunk and aortic arch?
ducts venosus
WHat kind of vessels carry lymph from the lymph capillaries to the veins?
collecting vessels
Once interstitial fluid enters the collecting vessels, what is it called?
What is the name of the inner region of a lymph node?