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US History Chapter 31 Quiz


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believed in affirmative govt and strong actions restore balance between the branches
Chief of Staff Sherman Adams
controlled domestic information to Ike
businessmen in Ike's cabinet
Sec of Tres Humphrey, Sec of defense Chase E. Wilson, Sec of Interior Douglass McKay
Interstate Highway Act
1956 fed govt paid 90% of costs of interstate highways encouraged urban sprawl and us eof cars
who aided McCarthy?
Roy Cohn and David Schine
Chief Justice Vinson
supported Plessy v. Ferguson
Chief Justice Earl Warren
desegregation establishe din 1954 case of Brown v. Board of Educ Topeka, Kansas
Gov Faubus
calle dout National Gaurd to stop enrollment on the gorunds that violence might take place
1957 Civil Rights Act
authorized the Department of Justice to seek injunctions on behalf of black voting rights
1960 Civil Rights Act
provided for appointment of federal referees to safeguard voting rights
Lawyer Thurgood Marshall
of the NAACP
brougth suit in federal cases regarding segregation
Jencks case
required that FBI reports must be made available to the defense if used in a case
reinhold Niebuhr
represented a change in religious outlook restated traditional christian insights insisted on the independenc eof the Christian faith from the official culture
other religious authors of the 1950s
Norman Vincent Peale, Bishop Fulton J Sheen, Galbraith, beatnik
armistic at Panmunjom
provided for voluntary repatriation and demilitarized zone and a peace conference
Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activites
warned Ike against CIA meddlin in internal affairs of othe rnations Ike ignored these warnigns  
Ho Chi Minh
communits leader of China French were fighting him while trying to hold onto Indo-China
Lyndon B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy
warned Ike against commitemnt of American troops
peace treaty at geneva
provided for a partition of Vietnam at 17th parallel until free elections could be held in 1956 Ike disapprove dof these negotioations
called ofr consultations in case of communist subversion or attack US also provided assistance to the new leader of South Viet Diem
under the British regional defense organ for the Middle East Amer aid programs along wiht an integrated allianc esystem
Natioonal Liberation front(Vietcong)
began a guerilla war against the Diem govt in SVN US begins annual aid of $200 mil under Ike China began heavy selling of the islands of Quemoy and Matsu which were held by the nationalists in taiwan.
new leader of iran after Shah is forced to flee. CIA then intervened to overthrow him and restore Shah in 1954
new nationalist leadre of Egypt in 1954 caused problems on Israeli border took Russian mil aid so US withdraws aid for Aswan Dam then he takes over Suez Canal from Fr and Br +Israel attacks Egypt but US and USSR in UN condemn Israel
1958 1959 overthrows cuban dictator batista by 1960 Ike approves CIA plot to overthrow Castro
1955 geneva Summit meeting
reestablished perosnal contact betweeb leaders collapses when USSr shot down Amer spy plane over USSR
election of 1960
Repub: Nixon and henry cabot lodge demos: Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson Kennedy wins on New Frontier slogan
Ike's farewell address
warned against beocming captive of the "mil-ind" complex