U.S. History Chapter 28 Quiz

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U.S. History Chapter 28 Quiz

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Cordell Hull
FDR's first sec of state
General P. Nye
senator from N. Dakota investigated the munitions industry to see who had pulled the US in WWI and why  
fascist who overthrew democratic gov of Spain
neville Chamberlain
tried to appease Hitler suspicious of US prime minister of BR
Marshall Petain
became head of FR gov after Paris fell
General Charles DeGaulle
from Br pledges to fight on to free FR form the Nazis
sec of war internationalist
sec of navy internationalist
Wendell Wilkie
repub nominee former democrat sympathized with internationalism and FDR's plan and wish to aid Br
Mao Tse Tsung
communist opposed fascism taking over china
chang kai shek
nationalist oppose dfascism taking over china