US History Chapter 11 Test

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US History Chapter 11 Test

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Fort Sumter
South Caroline - 1st shots of civil war were shot there
Anaconda Plan
Union's (northern) war strategy
Stonewall Jackson
Confederate general at Bull Run
George McClellan
Union - He was indecisive (has the "slows") - Lincoln replaced him with Grant
Ulysses S. Grant
Leading Union general
Robert E. Lee
Leading confederate general
Northern democrat that wanted peace within the South
the draft
Income Tax
tax on income
Prisoner of war camp (union soldiers were kept there)
Give an alternate name for both sides during the Civil war
North & SouthUnion & Confederates
Where did most of the fighting take place during the Civil war
Outline the Anaconda plan
1) Blockade the Southern ports2) Capture Mississippi river3) Capture Richmond
What was the Southern plan for victory?
Use cotton
President of the United States? Year elected? What occurred when he was elected? (Which state secedes from the Union?)
Abraham Lincoln - 1860 - South Carolina
Two reasons why the Civil war was fought?
1) Preserve the union (bring Southern states back)2) Slavery
Where did the first official battle take place? What did this battle show?
Bull Run, Virginia - That it's going to be a long, bloody war
What was significant about the Battle of Gettysburg?
It was the turning point in the Civil war - first Northern victory
Why did Lincoln replace General McClellan?
he has the "slows" (indecisive)
Did African American's fight in the war?
Yes - but they were payed less than white soldiers
Describe and analyze Sherman's March to the Sea
Sherman attacked civilians, leaving them with nothing. Soldiers would come home to help their families, removing themselves from war and eventually ending the war.
Why was Appomattox Court House significant?
- Starting and ending point of war- Lee surrenders to Grant
Map - Location - Winner
Fort Sumter...
Bull Run...Gettysburg...Antietam...Sherman's March to the Sea...
Fort Sumter - South Carolina - SouthBull Run - Virginia - SouthGettysburg - Pennsylvania - NorthAntietam - Maryland - NorthSherman's March to the Sea - Georgia - North
What were the advantages of the North and the South?
NORTHERN - population 22 million
                          popluation 9 million                          90% of nations industrial goods                          control the navy                          leadership of Lincoln
SOUTHERN - offensive stradegy                          defending is easier than attacking                        farmers fight better than factory workers                          king cotton                          military leadership
Analyze the decision making process of Lincoln at Fort Sumter.
Lincoln had to take into consideration all of the possible consequences his actions could cause
In what way was the Emancipation Proclamation a part of Lincoln's military strategy?
It allowed more men to fight in the Civil war because he was freeing slaves in the North
Describe medicine and medical advances during the Civil War. Describe the advancement of weapons during the Civil war.
Doctors became very familiar with the human body because they were dealing with wounded ones all day. They advances in medicine that would sedate or help patients. Weaponry advanced because new machine and hand guns were introduced