Unit: 4 English Vocabulary

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Latin And Greek Roots For 7th Graders

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Untrue or wrong informationThe two warring countries constantly circulated misinformation to confuse each other.
To bring back to rightness, order, or moralityMany people think we need to reform our political system, but few know where to start.
Occurring at the time of most influenceDuring a formative period of Jay's life, he was introduced to jazz music; now he is a famous saxophonist.
Unskilled; clumsyTry as I might to comfort Alicia, all my words seemed inept or just plain wrong.
Skilled; expert atTanya was adept at dealing with arguments that often arose on her volleyball team.
Skill or suitability forRob did not discover his aptitude for politics until he was in college.
To put forth; assertTyler posited his belief that all people should be treated fairly.
To forcibly place uponThe new government tried to impose its ideas onto supporters of the old regime.
Attitude or moodThe pirate captain's disposition led him to throw many lazy sailors to the sharks.
Something invented or imaginaryWere the monsters only a figment of a feverish brain, or did they really exist.
A figure constructed in mockeryAn effigy of the other team's mascot was burned at a pep rally.
To look like or predict a later thing or eventThe small riot outside City Hall prefigured a major uprising that occurred later that year.