Unit 13 Treatment Of Psychological Disorders

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Eclectic approach
an approach to psychotherapy that uses techniques from various forms of therapy.
consists of interactions between a trained therapist and someone seeking personal growth.
Uses techniques like free association and therapist interpretations of problems.
blocking from the consciousness of anxiety laden material.
analyst's noting supposed  dream meaning and resistance in order to promote inside.
patients transfer to the analyst of emotions linked with other relationships
Psychodynamic  Therapy
views individuals as responding to unconscious forces and childhood experiences 
Insight Therapies
aim to improve psychological functioning by increasing clients awareness of underlying motives and defenses.
Client- Centered Therapy
humanistic therapy, using things like active listening to guide client to solutions
Active listening
Empathic listening.
Unconditional Positive Regard
caring, accepting attitude to help clients develop self awareness.
Behavior Therapy
applies learning principles to the elimination of unwanted behaviors 
used to evoke new responses to stimuli
Exposure Therapies
treat anxieties by exposing people to the things they fear and avoid
Systematic Desensitization
relaxed state with gradual increase in anxiety
Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy
anxiety treatment that exposes people to simulations of their fears
Aversive Conditioning
a type of counterconditioning that associates unpleasent state with an unwanted behavior
Token Economy
people earn a a token for desired behavior to adapt them to acting more appropriate
Cognitive Therapy
teaches people new ways of thinking and acting
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
combines cognitive therapy with behavior therapy
Family Therapy
group therapy that treats problems as a system
Regression Toward the Mean
tendency for extreme or unusual scores to fall back toward their average
statistically combining the results of many different research studies
Evidence Based Practice
integrates best available research with clinical expertise and patient preferences
Biomedical Therapy
prescribed medications or procedures that act directly on nervous system
study of the effects of drugs on the mind and behavior
AntiPsychotic Drugs
Drugs used to treat schizophrenia
Tardive Dykinesia
involuntary movements of the body caused from long term use of drugs
AntiAnxiety Drugs 
drugs used to control anxiety and agitation
AntiDepressent Drugs 
drugs used to treat depression
Surgery that removes or destroys brain tissue in effort to change behavior
Procedure that was used to calm  uncontrolably violent  or emotional patients
Personal strength that helps most people cope with stress and recover from trauma