Tubular Reabsorption And Secretion

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Tubular Reabsorption And Secretion

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Why is movement to the peritubular capillaries easy to do?
they have high colloid osmotic pressure very low blood pressure due to narrow efferent arteriole slow flow rate
Physical qualities of the PCT
great length prominent microvilli abundant mitochondria for active transport
Two routes of the PCT
transcellular-through epithelial cells of PCT paracellular-between epithelial cells of PCT
When transport proteins of cell membrane are saturated.
transport maximum
What does the PCT reabsorb?
Sodium, Glucose, Amino Acids, Water, Nitrogenous wastes
Primary function of loop of henle
enable collecting duct to concentrate the urine and conserve water
What does the loop of Henle reabsorb?
remaining water, 2/3 remaining Na, K, and Cl
The Loop of Henle recaptures ________ and returns it to the ______________.
NaCl, renal medulla
What does the descending limb of the Loop of Henle do?
-reabsorbs water, not salt -concentrates tubular fluid
What does the ascending limb of the loop of Henle do?
-reabsorbs Na, K, and Cl -maintains high osmolarity of renal medulla -impermeable to water -tubular fluid becomes hypotonic
What is the role of the vasa recta?
countercurrent exchange system
What happens in the descending capillaries of the vasa recta?
water diffuses OUT of blood NaCl diffuses INTO blood
What happens in the ascending capillaries of the vasa recta?
-water diffuses INTO blood -NaCl diffuses OUT of blood