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first five books of bible  
Genesis, Exodus, leviticus, numbers,DEUTERONOMY
how many books in bible?  
45/46 --> old testament 27 --> new testament
God asked Abraham to kill his only son, as an offering to him. What was the name of his son?
In the Old Testament, what famous king fell in love with Bathsheba?
Who spent three days in the belly of a whale?
Whom did Jesus raise from the dead?
    Lazarus, widow’s son at Naim. Jairus’ daughter
Who was beheaded in the Bible?
john the baptist
Who betrayed Jesus three times?
Who helped Jesus to carry his cross
Simon of Cyrene
Who would not believe that Jesus had been raised from the dead, unless he could put his hands into the holes that the nails made?
On what sea did Jesus calm the storm?
What was/is the Passover festival?
 Jewish celebration of their escape from Egypt, Exodus 1290 B.C. - A.D.  ( B.C.E.\ C.E.)
What were the last words of Jesus on the cross?
a)      Father into Thy hands I commend my Spirit
What was the name of the tax collector who had to climb a tree in order to see Jesus?
a Theologumen
a)      a theological explanation may not be absolutely historically accurate
a)      Did Jesus know he was God?
Acc to L.A.C. no Acc to H.D.C yes
What does I HS mean
First 3 letters of the Greek word for Jesus, IHSOUS
When was Jesus born
4-6 B.C.
Was Jesus God?
Acc to the Creeds, Nicaea and Chalcedon Yes
What is the Real Presence?
a)      The presence of Jesus in the Consecrated Host and Chalice. Transsubstation V consubstantion.
Name 2 Church councils and give their dates
a)      Vatican 1, 1869-1870, Vatican 11 1962-1963
What is the sacred Species?
a)      The consecrated Host, Bread and the Consecrated Wine in the Chalice. To receive under both Species is to receive both the Host and from the Chalice
Name 4 Christian denominations in Ireland
a)      Society of Friends (Quakers). Church of Ireland. Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists
Name 2 Vatican 11 documents.
lumen gentium --> light of the nations Gaudium et Spes --> joy and hope
What does Extra ecclesiam nulla salus mean?
a)      Outside the Church there is no Salvation.
1)      Name 4 Christian denominations which exist in Ireland.
a)      Roman Catholic b)      Methodist c)       Presbyterian d)      Church of Ireland
1)                           What is the meaning of the term religion?
1)      Religare - to turn to; observe; to bind oneself; to choose
1)      religion be defined?
a)      A system of beliefs and practices which give them a frame work of orientation and an object of Devotion and helps them cope with ultimate questions in life.  Gives meaning to life
Xenophanes 570B.C.
   If oxen and lions could draw like humans, they would draw God in the image of themselves. He felt that god exists but that no one knew God plainly
1)      meaning of the term worldview?
a)      A world view is something people internalise that has a significant  impact on the way people understand and conduct their lives
1)      Name 4 different world views?
a)      Marx    Closed telescope b)      Nihilism - no meaning c)       Materialism - wealth possessions d)      Dualism   e)      Hedonism – pleasure f)       Indifferentism Whatever g)      Primal religion
1)      Eileen Flynn what 5 areas of life are impacted upon by the Christian world view.
Birth Material Things Decisions…morality Suffering Death
Pythagoras 530B.C.
a)      he believed utterly in the divine and cared little for life; People were mere chattels of the gods - need to conform to the will of the divine.
a)      An anti-Mystical Approach. Reality was entirely in the here & now. No eternal standards. Up to each of us to decide what's right and wrong for us. Art of rhetoric & debate: education.
a)      St. Augustine
1)      Who said that ethics is a matter of conforming one’s conscience to the mind of the Church?
a)      Thomas Equinas
1)      Who said it is best to die in excommunication than to violate your conscience?
1)      Name the theologian who lived/died in 1275 A.D.
a)      Thomas Equinas
A.D. – Anno Domini/ B.C. – Before Christ
B. C. E. – Before Common Era                  C. E.  – Common Era
Anno Hegirae(hijri year)
1)       List 4 questions which religions seek to answer.
a)      What is Love? b)      Who and what am I? c)       What is the meaning of life? d)      Why is there suffering?
What did Max Mueller say about religion
he who knows one, knows none --> comparative
1)      Does Islam believe in the “4 last things”? List the Last things
a)      Yes, death,  judgement, heaven, hell
1)      Give the years of Mohammed life.
a)     570-632
1)      the Islamic Calendar.
a)      1431 AH
1)      How does a Muslim use the prayer beads? What do they say?
i)        33 Sobhan Allah   God is the Glorious ii)      33 Al-Hamd’llah  Thanks to God iii)    33 Allah’abhar      God is the greatest
Sura I is known as the
a)      Al-Fatiha
1)      Muslims are called to prayer by a leader called a …………… from a ………….?
a)      Muezzin b)      minaret
1)      The term Eid al Adhu refers to what?
a)      Festival of Sacrifice at the end of the Hajj commemorating Ibrahim's offering of his son to God
1)      Name the last month in the Islamic year?
Dhū al-Ḥijja
1)      Milad-un-Nabi refers to what event?
a)      Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
1)      Eid un Fitz?
a)      Marks the end of Ramadhan
1)      Name the 5 pillars of Islam
a)      Shahada b)      Salat (prayer) c)       Sawm (or fasting) d)      Zakat (almsgiving) e)      Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca)
a)      Iman
i)     leader/guide
person who delivers sermon on friday
a)      Ayatollah
i)     senior Imans
a)      Stone cubical structure in Mecca that is believed to be built by Abraham and is a sacred center
dome of rock
the rock at its heart. According to Islamic tradition, the rock is the spot [15] from which Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel. Further, Muhammad was taken here by Gabriel to pray with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus Christ.[16
1)      List 3 features which are common to Semitic religions.
a)      God as single divine being b)      Creation of real distinct world which is good c)       Revelation of his will in unique historical event d)      Immortality and judgement with life after death
1)      What is the Hegira?
a)      First year in Islamic calender
1)      What is the Umma?
a)      Islamic community
1)      What is the Kalimah?
a)      Creed
what are sacred texts of islam
: the Qur'an (Koran) and Hadith (Hadeeth).
how does one become a muslim?
There is no true god (deity) but God (Allah),1 and Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of God
1)      What is a Caliph?
a)      Successors to Muhammad chosen by community
1)      What is a Hijah?
a)      Emigration of Muhammad and followers from Mecca
1)      What is a Niqab?
a)      Veil worn by muslim woman that covers face
1)      What is Shirk?
a)      Sin of believing in another god besides Allah
1)      Main plan of pilgrimage for Muslims is?
a)      Allah forgives the sins of those who make journey with reverence and also signifies unity of Umma
absolution washing before prayer
1)      The end of the Ramadham is marked by which feast?
 Eid ul-Fitr, the "feast of fast breaking
 What is a tallit?
  Prayer shawl that is symbolic of relationship with God
(a)    Cap worn for synagogue worship
(1)    Seder Plate ?
(a)    Holds 6 foods which are each symbolic of Passover.
i)        What types of written material is to be found in that sacred text?
(i)      Torah (ii)    Prophets (iii)   Writings
i)        13 Where is a synagogue would you find those sacred text?
(i)      Holy ark
is a piece of parchment (often contained in a decorative case) inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah. These verses comprise the Jewish prayer "Shema Yisrael",
i)        What is involved in the Havaladah?
havadalah candle - multi wicked candle box with spices(olice wood, olives) glass of wine filled to overflowing ends with quenching of candle in wine saucer
  Write the words of the Shema?
Hear oh isreal! the lord is our god, the lord alone
i)        What is the foundational concept in the Jewish world view
there is only one god who (1) created teh world (2)made a covenant with abraham (3) delivered us from slavery in egypt (4) will send us a redeemer
horn used during synagogue service during rosh hashanah and yom kippur
. List the different groups in which Judaism has divided.
orthadox, liberal, reformed, reconstructionist, yom kippur jew, apicoyres
major jewish festivals
pilgrimage festivals (passover, pentecost, tabernacles), new year (Rosh Hashanna), Day of atonement(Yom kippur)
major events during jesus's life
herod the great died and ruling of palestine divided among his three sons
1500-1250 bc
slavery for 200 years and exodus with moses, sinai and promised land
saul, david, jerusalem
northern kingdom destroyed
babylonian exile
edict of cyrus, jews return and rebuild temple
rome invades israel
70 ad
temple destroyed forever
state of israel first time since 63 bc