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What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "a m‚Äčan who is the head of the family or who rules a clan or a tribe"?
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "a group of businesses combined to reduce competition with other businesses and controlling the prices of their products"?
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "when newspapers and magazines exaggerate the truth or even lie to make an article seem more interesting in order to attract more buyers"?
Yellow Journalism
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "the policy of extending a nation's authority by  claiming control of smaller or weaker places"?
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "the effort to increase the well-being of human - kind by giving large amounts of money or charity"?
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "disobeying authority"?
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "one who is strongly partial to his or her own group, religion, race, or politics and does not like those who are different?"
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "when one group controls all of the resources, production, and distribution of a product or service?"
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "to persuade someone by using flattery or coaxing to get them to do what you want them to do."
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "having the characteristics of a lion?"
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "saying one thing but doing another?"
What word used in the movie TR - An American Lion is defined as "a movement that prompted progress towards better conditions, new policies, ideas, and methods of improving living and working conditions for the poor and strove to get equal treatment for all regardless of gender or color?"
In the society that Teddy Roosevelt lived, what was meant by, "the gap in wealth?"
a few of the rich had most of the wealth and poor majority had to share a small portion of the wealth
What were some improvements made by progressivists in the society of Teddy Roosevelt's time?
1.  better working conditions
2.  workman's compensation
3.  end of child labor
4.  8 hour work day
5.  better living conditions
6.  old age pension
What were two ways the U.S. practiced Imperialism?
1.  Annexing Hawaii
2.  Making the Philippines a territory
Which two countries did the U.S. help to win their independence?
1.  Cuba
2.  Panama
How did different regions during the time in which Teddy Roosevelt live practice racism?
1.  separate but equal in the north
2.  Jim Crow laws in the south
3.  discrimination of immigrants in big cities
Name the big three Gilded Age Industrialists.
1.  John D. Rockefeller
2.  Andrew Carnegie
3.  J.P. Morgan
What resulted from the rise and fall of Gilded Age Industrialists?
1.  philanthrophy
2.  trusts were outlawed
3.  labor reform
What were three reasons the wealthy industrialists were so hated in the Gilded Age?
1.  they bought out competing businesses to eliminate competition
2.  they contributed to the gap between the rich and the poor
3.  they formed trusts to create a monopoly over all   aspects of their business
What were TR's beliefs about the Navy?
the U.S. needed a strong navy because the navy was the key to being a world power and maintaining peace
What did TR believe were three things the U.S. needed to do to have a powerful U.S. Navy?
1.  annexing Hawaii
2.  building the Panama Canal
3.  remove Spain from the Americas
Why was the country outraged when TR invited Booker T. Washington to the White House for dinner?
Booker T. Washington was African American and racism was still a big problem so soon after the Civil War.
What was TR's "Square Deal?"
every citizen should have a fair chance to compete and succeed at business no matter how rich or poor you were.
How were TR's views on war?
1.  Sometimes war is good for society
2.  if you are always prepared for war, you will have peace
3.  War is sometimes necessary for peace
What were TRs beliefs about his life?
1.  I will dedicate myself to a strenuous life
2.  Life and death are part of the same adventure
3.  No man has had a happier life than I
4.  If I had not gone out West, I would have never been president
What were some of the most well-known of TR's qualities and values?
1.    brilliant
2.    energetic
3.    stubborn/persistent
4.    loveable
5.    brave
6.    passionate
7.    family man
8.    could not be cajoled
9.    resourceful
10.  self-confident
11.  grateful

What was Teddy Roosevelt's political party until after he left the presidency?
What was Teddy Roosevelt's political party when he ran for a third term against Taft?
Bull Moose Party
What is the Republican Party?
American Political Party that supports government support on social issues; limited government on economic issues, and tends to favor traditional American values opposed to change
What is the Democratic Party?
American political party that supports government support in economic issues; limited support in social issues, and tends to favor reform and change
How did TR show he was imperialistic? 
1.  building the Panama Canal
2.  supporting the Monroe Doctrine
3.  supporting annexing Hawaii
What is the Monroe Doctrine?
When President Monroe declared to the World that the U.S. would serve as the protector of all the Western Hemisphere and that none of the Western Hemisphere was available to be a European colony any longer
What was the Bull Moose Party? 
They were the Progressive Republicans - though that traditional American values had been lost and through reform - American values would be restored.
What was the Bull Moose Party Platform?
1.  Unemployment insurance
2.  Women's suffrage
3.  Old age pensions
4.  Minimum Wage
5.  Get rid of child labor
6.  Workman's compensation
What political party did TR run under in the presidential election against Woodrow Wilson and William Howard Taft?
Bull Moose Party
What was Teddy Roosevelt's motto on foreign policy?
"Speak softly and carry a big stick" - which meant promote peace by being friendly with other nations but always be ready for war
How did TR demonstrate his foreign policy to Japan and Germany?
He sent the U.S. Navy or the "Great White Fleet" on a cruise around the world to demonstrate their power
How did TR feel about U.S. involvement in World War I?
we had a duty to help the Allies and if we did not take a stand we would appear weak
What were Theodore Roosevelt's nicknames?
1.  Teedie - His family's nickname for him
2.  TD - How he signed his name
3.  Teddy - What Americans called him after the Teddy Bear came out
4.  Old Lion - What his sons called him
5.  That Cowboy - what ranchers and cowboys called him
6.  The Trustbuster - What the Newspapers called him
Where did Theodore Roosevelt go to college?  What do you know about this college?
Harvard - it is a college known for how smart you must be to get in
What were some of the hardships Teddy Roosevelt faced in his lifetime?
1.  childhood asthma
2.  father's sudden death while TR was at college
3.  first wife's death/11 hours later mother's death
4.  widower with baby daughter
5.  blizzard killed his cattle and ended his ranching business
6.  pushed his son too hard
7.  Wilson refused to let him fight in World War I
8.  Almost died in the Amazon
9.  lost the 3rd presidential election
10.  2nd wife's tumor
11.  youngest son died in WWI
12.  betrayed by Taft
What were TR's major interests that influenced decisions he made during his presidency?
1.  the navy
2.  the outdoors/nature
3.  politics
What were Teddy Roosevelt's major accomplishments in his first job as New York Senator?
he exposed scandals like the Rail Bribery and corruption in political offices
What were Teddy Roosevelt's experiences with his second job as a cattle rancher?
Made money during the cattle boom but his cattle business went bust after a blizzard killed all his cattle
What were TR's experiences and accomplishments in his third job as Civil Service Commissioner?
1.  he won over the American public
2.  he got rid of corruption
3.  he assured federal jobs were received on merit and not as favors
4.  learned how to use the press
What were TR's accomplishments and experiences in his fourth job as New York City Police Commissioner?
1.  introduced the first police wagons
2.  introduced the first phones in Police departments
3.  became aware of tenement living
4.  made the police do their job - patrol
5.  first bicycle patrol
6.  first standardized pistols
7.  established regular target practice
8.  first to allow women and jews in the police department
Who did Teddy Roosevelt campaign for in his fifth job as a stump speaker?
William McKinley
What job did TR get as a reward for his successful stump speaking?
Assistant Secretary of the Navy
What was Theodore Roosevelt's accomplishments and experiences in his sixth job as Assistant secretary of the Navy?
1.  was able to control most of the naval affairs because the Secretary of the Navy John D. Long was rarely there
2.  enlarged Naval docks
3.  increased naval recruiting quotas
4.  sped up ship construction
5.  made U.S. the fifth strongest navy even with small ships
6.  first to demonstrate U.S. Naval power
7.  insubordinate before Spanish - American war - ordered Navy to mobilize before McKinley approved it
8.  resigned to lead a calvary regiment in the Spanish - American War
What were Theodore Roosevelt's experiences and accomplishments as Lt. Col of the Volunteer Calvary?
1.  began the Rough Riders volunteer calvary
2.  Coined the Spanish - American War - "A Splendid Little War"
3.  won hero status for winning Kettle Hill  and San Juan Hill in the Spanish - American War in one hour
4.  coined as yelling, "Follow Me" instead of the traditional order of "Charge"
5.  first to have press document a regiment in war
6.  103 years after the war - Bill clinton awarded him the medal of honor
What job did Boss Platt nominate TR for when he returned from the Spanish - American War?
NY Governor
What were TR's experiences and accomplishments in his eighth job as NY Governor?
1.  established his dominance in NY against Platt
2.  made the 8 hour work day
3.  banned segregation in schools
4.  cracked down on corrupt businesses
5.  strengthened and expanded HY Forestry Department
6.  made transportation business owners pay taxes
7.  improved tenement home conditions
8.  made labor reforms in industries
9.  angered business men with reforms and their complaints to Platt led him to nominate Roosevelt for the Vice Presidency to get rid of him
Which president did Theodore Roosevelt serve as Vice President?
William McKinley
How did TR become the president the first time?
William McKinley was shot.  TR was vice president so he took over the presidency.
What were TR's experiences and accomplishments as president?
1.  progressive approach
2.  trustbuster
3.  remodeled the White House
4.  Mediated Coal Miner's Strike
5. Led peace talks between Russia and Japan
6.  Won the Nobel Peace Prize
7.  Built the Panama Canal
8.  Environmental contributions
9. the Brownsville, TX affair
How did Teddy Roosevelt come to be called a trust buster during his presidency?
he busted big corporation trusts that tried to form monopolies
What famous addition did TR add to the White House?
the West Wing
What resulted from mediation between coal miners and coal mine owners in the Coal Miner's Strike Negotiations set up by TR?
miners gained shorter work days, better working conditions and higher pay
How did TR win the Nobel Peace Prize?
He negotiated peace talks between Japan and Russia which ended the Russo-Japanese War
What resulted when Columbia denied TR the right to build the Panama Canal?
TR convinced Panama to declare independence and promised America would help them fight in the war in return for the right to build the Panama Canal.  When Panama won construction on the canal began.
What were TR's environmental contributions as president?
1.  hired a forestry expert to head the National Forestry Service that would oversee tree harvests, replanting, and restrict certain lands from being logged
2.  bird sanctuaries
3.  National Forests
4.  State Parks
5.  National Monuments
What happened in Brownsville, Texas at the end of TR's second term?
A black regiment of soldiers was accused of killing and wounding white men in a brawl and TR dishonorably discharged them from the service with no trial and bad evidence
Where did TR go after his presidency for the Smithsonian Institute to bring back animal species for research?
Why did TR go to the Amazon?
to explore an uncharted river and bring back plant and animal species for research for the New York Museum of Natural History
What was TR's last job before he died?
Public Speaker for the War effort
What did specific things did TR promote for the War Effort during World War I?
1.  Helping/joining the Red Cross
2.  Helping/joining the Military
3.  Purchasing War Bonds
What technology and innovations developed during Teddy Roosevelt's lifetime?
1.  bicycle
2.  movies
3.  electric light
4.  telephone
5.  plane
6.  lithograph
7.  automobile
8. first around the world telegram
Describe the relationship between Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.
Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson disagreed on almost everything.
1.  TR was a republican/Wilson was a democrat
2.  TR promoted U.S. involvement in WWI/Wilson promoted neutrality in World War I
3.  Wilson quietly criticized TR/TR publically criticized Wilson
4.  Wilson denied TR's request to fight when War was declared
What was TR's relationship like with the Press?
TR felt it was important to use the press to sway the public opinion his way; he was popular with the press because he made them feel important; they liked him because wherever he was there was a story and a story boosted their career
Why were logging industries angry with TR?
He protected large areas of forests from logging; restricted where they could log; made restrictions on how much could be logged; and required replanting of harvested areas
What did bird farmers and hat makers have in common and why did they dislike Theodore Roosevelt's environmental policies?
They worked together to create the latest fashion in wonen's hats - feather hats.  When the bird populations started to significantly go down, TR created bird sanctuaries to protect the birds which cut into their profits and limited their production and sales
What two future presidents did TR heavily influence and how?
FDR - enacted TR's Bull Moose Party Platform policies during his presidency

Bill Clinton - quoted as saying, "Every environmental decision he made as president was inspired by Teddy Roosevelt."
What did TR learn about politics as NY Governor when he dealt with Boss Platt?
How to be a fox - get along with others you do not agree with in order to better negotiate things that you want
Why is learning about Teddy Roosevelt important?  Why does it matter to you today?
1.  Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to establish the U.S. as a World Power
2.  Many of his policies are still U.S. Policies today
3.  He heavily influenced other U.S. president's decisions and policies
4.  He established the U.S. policy of protecting countries wanting democracy
5. He created many of the natural vacation spots we enjoy today