Texas CDL 2012 General Knowledge Test

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Texas CDL 2012 General Knowledge Test

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Truck escape ramps:
Are designed to protect vehicles from damage. 
Which of these can cause the vehicle to skid?
a. Not enough weight on the front axle. b. Over acceleration. c. Turning too sharply. d. All of the above. Correct Answer:  All of the above. 
You are driving a vehicle that could safely be driven at 55 MPH on an open road. But traffic is now heavy, moving at 35 MPH although the speed limit is 55. The safest speed for your vehicle in this situation is most likely:
35 MPH 
Every time you park your vehicle and shut the engine off you should:
Apply the parking brake. 
Which of these describes how you should use the brake pedal on a steep downhill grade?
  Release the brake when you are 5 MPH below your safe speed, then let your speed come back up to your safe speed and repeat braking again, (bring you speed down 5 MPH below your safe speed.) 
 For an average commercial vehicle, being driven at 55 MPH on dry pavement it will take about ____ to bring the vehicle to a stop.
  The length of a football field. 
Which of these statements about certain types of cargo is true?  
Unstable loads such as hanging meat or livestock require extra caution on curves. 
  Which of these statements about backing a heavy vehicle is true?
  Backing is always dangerous.
When should you wear seat belts?
Any time you are in a moving vehicle. 
The most common cause of serious vehicle skids is:
                      Driving too fast for road conditions.   
If you are being tailgated, you should:
Increase the space in front of you. 
The parking brake should be tested while the vehicle is
A driver’s trip log, if required?
  Must be shown immediately when an officer requests it. 
Should the pre-trip inspection report from the last driver be reviewed during your pre-trip inspection?
If you are stopped at a roadside rest and found to have a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of .02 you will:
Be placed out of service for 24 hours