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TEAS Science Practice Questions

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The first step of the scientific method?
Identify the problem
The second step of the scientific method?
Ask questions
The third step of the scientific method
Develop a hypothesis
The fourth step of the scientific method
Collect data and experiment on that data
the fifth step of the scientific method
Analyze the results
The sixth step of the scientific method
Develop a conclusion
What is the relationship between science and methematics?
Science and mathematics work together with mathematics offering the quatitative results that scientist can use to apply to their theories and thus prove whether or not they are correct
What is deductive reasoning?
Deductive reasoning moves from the general t the specific
What is inductive reasoning?
Inductive reasoning goes from the specific to the general
What is the criteria for classifying epithelial tissue?
Cell layers and cell shapes
Do ligaments have their own blood supply?
No, which is why ligament injuries take longer to heal
What are the eleven organ systems in the human body?
1. Circulatory system 2. Digestive system 3. Endocrine system 4. Integumentary system 5. Lymphatic system 6. Muscular system 7. Nervous system 8. Reproductive system 9. Respiratory system 10. Skeletal system 11. Urinary system
What are cilia?
Cilia are the tiny hairs in the respiratory system that are responsible for removing foreign matter from the lungs.