Stupid Idioms

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Theyre Stupid
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to eat humble pie
to admit your error and apologize
a pig in a poke
poor purchase, a blind item, an item you nvr saw, disappointment
a flash in the pan
promising at the start but then disappointing
to pour oil on troubled waters
to make peaces, to calm someone down
to sword of Damocles
any imminent danger
to carry the day
to win the approval of the majority
Skid Row
disreputable part of town, inhabited bt derelicts and people
to go up in smoke
to come to no practical result
crocodile tears
insincere tears
Pyrrhic victory
a too costly victory
a wet blanket
one who spoils the fun
to beard the lion in his den
to visit and oppose a person on his own grounds
to throw down the gauntlet
to challenge someone
feeling no pain
Hobson's choice
to have no choice at all
to rule the roost
to be in charge, to be master
stock in trade
the goods, tools, and other requisites of a profession
to take down a peg
to take the conceit out of a braggart
to pass the buck
to evade responsibility
to lionize a person
to make a big fuss over someone
I'm from Missouri
must see to believe, one who is not easily convinced
red-letter day
day of happiness, time for rejoicing
thumbs down
signal of rejections
to let the sleeping dogs lie
to let well enough alone, to avoid stirring up old hostilities
cause celebre
a famous law case/controversy
one swallow does not make a summer
don't jump to conclusions based on incomplete evidence
a bitter pill to swallow
a humiliating defeat
an ax to grind
having a selfish motive in the background