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the art and science of beautifying and improving the skin and hair is called 
in ancient rome, middle class women colored their hair:
during the renaissance period, the unusual practice of shaving eyebrows was done to give a woman a greater look of 
the career possibilities  are endless for a hard working professional cosmetologist who approaches his/her career with a strong sense of
personal integrity
the inner desire that instinctively propels you to do something  is
a talent and unlimited inner resource of ideas and solutions is
stressful and repetitive motions have a cumulative effect on joints  and  
when servicing a client for the first time , a visual tool to your technical skills is a 
portfolio of your work
the single most important part of  any service that should always be completed before any service is 
client consultation
during the consultation process, to reiterate everything discussed to the client  means to
repeat in measured, precise terms
the active stage and inactive  or spore forming stage of bacteria are referred to as the 
life cycle of bacteria
body tissues being invaded by disease-causing  or pathogenic bacteria results in a(n)
a common human bacteria that can be transferred through skin to skin contact or unclean implements is
nonpathogenic bacteria are
the skin disease that is caused by an infestation of head lice is called
pediculosis capitis
federal law requires manufacturers to provide important product information, precautions, safety information and ingredients  in the form of 
material safety data sheets
to meet salon requirements for use against bacteria, fungi. and viruses, a disinfectant must have the correct
a very safe and useful type of disinfectant, commonly  called quats, is 
quarternary ammonium compounds
to be effective the strength of ethyl alcohol must be no less than 
20 percent
the first step in the decontamination process is called
the phase if metabolism that  involves the breaking down of complex compounds within cells into smaller ones is
a collection of similar cells that perform a particular function is 
the physical foundation of the body consisting of bones with movable and immovable joints is the 
skeletal system
two bones that  form the sides of the head in the ear region are the
parietal bone
the inner and larger bone of the forearm, attached to the wrist and located on the of the little finger, is the 
 Muscles attached to bones and are voluntary or controlled by the will are:
striated muscles
the middle part of the muscle is
the muscle of the neck that lowers and rotates the head  is the
the muscles that draws the eyebrow down and wrinklies the forehead vertically is the
corrugator muscles
the muscles that cover the back of the neck and the upper and middle region of the back and that rotates and controls the swinging  movement  of the arms  is the
muscles that separate the fingers
muscles that are at the base of each finger and draws the fingers together are 
the medical branch of science that deals with the study of the skin its functions, and diseases is
the thinnest skin can be found on the
the deepest layer of the epidermis basal cell layer is also know as the 
stratrum germintivum
the top of the papillary layer where it joins the epidermis the
epidermal- dermal junction
a fibrous protein that give the skin  form and strength is
the two types of duct glands that extract materials from the blood to form new substances are
sudoriferous  and sebaceous glands
retinoic acid or retin-a is a prescription  cream use to treat
water is the number one nutrient of the body and composes what %of body weight
50 to 70%
the nail plate is constructed of how many layers of nail cells
the portion of the natural nail plate that extends over the finger tip or the toes is called 
fee edge
the nail that grows the fastest is the 
middle finger
the average rate of nail growth in the normal adult is about
1/10 inch per month
a small  cone shaped area located  at the base of the hair  follicle that fits into the hair bulb is the 
dermal papilla
the substance secreted by the sebaceous glands is called the
the pocket or tube like depression in the scalp of skin  that contains  the hair  root is the
the layer  that consist of transparent  scale like cells  that look  like shingles  on a roof is the
cuticle layer
the fibrous protein core formed by elongated cells  that contains melanin pigment is the
cortex layer
the measurement  that describes the number of individual hair strands on one square inch of the scalp is
the three growth cycles of the human hair are
anagen , catagen, and telogen
the condition of abnormal hair growth  of terminal hair is called 
a severe type of dandruff characterized by the accumulation of greasy or waxy scalp scales  mixed with sebum
pityriasis steatiodses
an infestation of the hair and scalp with head lice is
pediculosis capitis
a highly contagious skin disease caused by a parasite  called a mite is
liquids that are not capable of being mixed into stable solutions are
a stable  suspension of one liquid or solid in another liquid united with the aid of a binder is an 
the head of a surfactant molecule is
a sweet, colorless, oily substance that is used as a moisturizer in the skin and body cream is 
chemical reactions that are characterized by or formed by giving off heat are
a chemical reaction that combines an element or a compound with oxygen  to produce oxide is
a metal substance that is a particularly good conductor of electricity is
the even-flowing electric current that travels in one direction only is
direct current
the unit that mneasures the pressure or force that pushes the flow of electrons forward through a conductor is a