Specialized Areas Of Accounting

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Specialized Areas Of Accounting

Accounting 1.1

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Accounting technician
A support professional that helps control and organise financial activities. Also helps to record and prepare the accounts. And provides management and financial information
Cost Accountant
Calculates and controls the costs of producing goods and services through to the preparation of cost budgets and production planning
Financial Accountant
Involved in preparing, analysing and interpreting financial reports to help end users of financial information make better informed decisions
Taxation Accounting
Provides taxation advice and prepares tax returns
Management accountant
Co-ordinates the flow of financial information from the businesses operations e.g. internal budgets and measures the businesses performance.
Involves a chartered accountant checking the accuracy and reliability of an organisations or businesses financial statements by seeing if they show a fair and true representative of the businesses position
Chartered Accountant
A fully qualified member of NZICA who provieds financial and strategic planning advice
runs the meetings, official spokesperson and is elected by all the members
Looks after the community organisations finances, including the receipt and banking of money, making payments and the preparing and keeping of accurate financial records
keeps the minutes (notes) of the meetings and deals with the incoming and outgoing correspondance e.g. emails
made up of an elected group of club, or society members who undertake the daily running of the club or society.
the people who qualify to belong to the club
auditor job is to independently check that the accounts of the club show a true and fair view of the organisation’s financial results. The auditor is not usually a club member.