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social stratification
society's system for ranking people hierarchically according to such attributes as wealth, power and prestige
social stratum into which people are born and in which they remain in life
social stratum defined primarily by economic criteria such as occupation, income and wealth
closed stratification system
a stratification system in which there are rigid boundaries between social strata
open stratification system
system in which the boundaries between social strata are easily crossed
social mobility
movement by an individual or group from one social stratum to another
upward mobility
movement by an individual or group to a high social stratum
downward mobility
movement of an individual or group to a lower social stratum
ascribed status
position or rank that is assigned to an individual at birth and cannot be changed
achieved status
position or rank earned though the efforts of an individual
status group
category of people within a social class, defined by how much honor or prestige they receive from society in general
structural mobility
movement from one social stratum to another caused by the elimination for an entire class as a result of changes in the means of existence
spatial mobility
movement by an individual or group from one location or community to another
status symbols
material objects or behaviors that indicate social status or prestige
the respect and esteem shown to an individual
ways individual presents themselves to others through body language, dress, speech, and manners
objective class
In Marxian theory, a social class that has a visible specific relationship to the means of production
subjective class
In Marxian theory, the way members of a given social class percieve their situation as a class.
class consciousness
a group's shared subjective awareness of its objective situation as a class
intragenerational mobility
a change in the social class of an individual with his or her own lifetime.