Sociology Test 1 Chapter 6

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Sociology Test 1 Chapter 6

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Attribution Theory
We judge people
Attribution Error
Judging people wrongly
Three people group, creates problems
Two person group, typically better 
When two people of a Triad break off to form a Dyad against the Isolate. 
Coercive Organization
A group of members whose work is typically largely Involuntary
Feeling that oneself has merged and become part of a group rather than individual
Group Size Effect
The effect the size of a group has on its members, separately analyzed from the personalities of the members. 
A tendency for groups to make a conscious decision together, even if that decision is stupid, which is typically what happens. 
Instrumental needs
Task oriented needs, the need to do something or get something. 
The problems or ways of one bureaucracy can have an effect on all of society. In mcdonalds how everyone now wants everything "fast"
Normative Organization
Voluntary join that pursues a goal only for the self-satisfaction. 
Using foreign workers to do the jobs for cheap labor. 
Polarization Shift
The shift in one way or the other that occurs in a group, driven by discussion
Primary Group
Intimate, face to face interaction and relatively long-lasting relationships.
Secondary Group
Short term, usually relatively formal relationships. Such as as school
Reference Group
You may or may not belong to, but you use them as a standard for evaluating yourself or your group. 
When a company agrees to let a person work for them until they retire.
Total Institution
A separate society in which people live their whole lives in total control inside this institution. (internment camp)
Utilitarian Organization
Large organizations where people join for specific purposes such as a monetary reward. 
6 Parts of a Bureaucracy
Division of Labor/Specialization
Hierarchy of Authority
Impersonal Relationships
Career Ladder