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Global inequality is 
the systematic differences in wealth and power between countries
Which of the following best describes the health conditions in high-and low income countries?
High Income countries are generally those that were the first to industrialize. Low Income are mostly agricultural economies and have only recently begun to industrialize. 
As world hunger has grown, global food proudction
has produced in high income countries
Why did economies of East Asia experience greater growth between 1980 and 1999 than other parts of the world?
___, a view now commonly held by Western economists, is based on __ theory, which promotes free markets and noninterference by government in the economy. 
Neoliberism, Modernization
Which theory promotes the adoption of Western capitalist economic systems and values as the road to economic development?
Market-Oriented theory
Which theory draws primary attention to the exploitation of poor countries by rich ones?
Dependency theory
Which of the following theories of global inequality minimizes the significance of cultural and political differences between countries? 
World Systems theory
Natural resources flow from the ___ to the __, according to world-systems theory
Peripherery countries, core countries 
Which approach points out that successful NIEs such as Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan have grown largely because of repressive labor laws, government ownership in key industries, and government provision of social welfare services?
State-Centered theories 
Child Labor
Still exists in many poor countries today?
In what way could you personally help to reduce child labor in the world today?
Check the label and boycott that manufacturer, or join a campaign  
Sweatshops are
small factories that have numerous violations of wage, health, and safety laws
Which of the following is one explanation for the persistence of global economic inequality?
What is the difference between "sex" and "gender?"
Sex - is biological and anatomical differences.Gender - social expectations about behavior regarded as appropriate for the members of each sex. 
Overall sociologists conclude that:
culture is at the root of all gender differences. 
___ refers to any difference in status, power, and prestige between men and women in groups, collectives, and societies. 
Gender inequality 
When sociologists refer to a patriarchal society, they are describing a society: 
Where men are dominant over women
Although the past 30 years the pay gap between men and women has ____, on average ____.
decreased, men
___ is a policy that pays employees based on worth of their work rather than the personal characteristics of the majority of workers in that job. 
Comparable worth
An organization with a promotion barrier that prevents a woman's upward mobility is said to have:
Glass ceiling
Men in traditionally female occupations often experience a ___, according to a 1992 study by Christine Williams
"Glass Escalator"
In what way do teachers show a bias against girls in the classroom?
Boys receive more attention, boys are more demanding than girls. Girls get reprimanded when called out.
Which of the following statements accurately describes the political status of women in the United States? 
Local politics can thus be good "womens work" offering low pay, part-time employment, flexible hours, and the absence of a clear career path. 
Which of the following is an accurate assessment of rape? 
The forcing of non consensual vaginal, oral or anal intercourse
Why are women so often the targets of sexual violence?
Some men are socialized to regard women as sex objects, to feel a sense of sexual entitlement, and to instill fear in women by dominating them. 
According to the functionalist sociologist Talcott Parsons, the family is the most efficient when it operates with a clear sexual division of labor. With the females performing the ___ role and the males performing the ___ role.
Expressive roles, instrumental roles
Which of the following assumptions do all perspectives on feminist thought share?
Gender Inequality 
As a sociological concept, race refers to:
differences in human physical characteristics used to categorize large numbers of individuals 
As a sociological concept, ethnicity refers to:
cultural practices and outlooks of a given community that emerged historically and tend to set people apart
Racism that includes not simply the opinions of a small segment of the population, but systematically pervades all of a society's structures and operations, is known as:
Preconceived opinions or attitudes held by members of one group toward another are defined as:
Behavior that disqualifies members of one group from opportunities available to others is:
Why is the term "minority group" potentially ambiguous and confusing, particularly for sociologists?
because the term refers to political power and is not simply a numerical distinction. 
Why has racism flourished?
rise of modern racism lies in the exploitative relations that Europeans established with the peoples they encountered and conquered. 2) An opposition between the colors white and black.. 3) Media?
the systematic, planned destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group is called:
____ is the physical separation of a racial or ethnic group from other groups.
when ethnic groups have achieved a distinct but equal status, the society is said to exhibit:
What supreme court decision established the foundation for the civil rights struggles of the 1950s through the 1970s?
brown vs board of ED
What did the 1964 civil rights act do?
banned discrimination in public facilities, education, employment, and any agency receiving government funds. 
which of the following statements accurately describes the relationship between race and educational achievement?
whites-blacks, better than latinos 
douglas massey
what is the term for a group of people directly linked by kin connections, the adult members of which assume the responsibility for caring for children?
a socially acknowledged and approved sexual union between two adult individuals is called:
two adults living in a household with their own or adopted children is called:
family of orientation
some would argue that the key to a good marriage is a successful transferring from your family of ___ to your family of ____
orientation, independent household. 
according to functionalists, the husband in the "conventional family" is the breadwinner and plays the ___ role, the wife cares for the home and children and plays the ____ role. 
instrumental, expressive
which of the following issues is NOT embedded within a feminist analysis of the family?
pg 305 - 306 Men-home
which perspective has been most concerned with the domestic division of labor, unequal power relationships and caring activities in the family?