Sociology Exam Review - Chapters 11, 12, 13

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Religious experience
Sudden awarness of god or coming into contact with him
credential society
jobs = diplomas, used as a sorting system
combination of church and state
moral community
a groups beliefs & practices come together
incorporate everyone, ex: programs for the disabled
teachers determine kids outcome in kintergarden, open/close doors
social promotion
passing students on to the next level regardless of comprehension -- leads to functional illiteracy
functional illiteracy
read but cant comprehend
emphasizes personal salvation, loosly organized, get some money
difference between a church and a cult
relationship with god is less personal in a church, church is more organized, less personal salvation
peter berger & legitamite power
make people do things against their will. Example US government, obey the law out of fear of punishment
political gender gap
men (rep) and women (demo) vote for different parties
global village
nations linked by communication and trade
charasmatic leader
uses personality to connect with the people
rational legal leader
based on written rules (law)
traditional leader
based on customs
critisism against socialism
stifles productivity
voter apathy
dont see the effects of the president so why vote
universal citizenship
you have a set of rights just for being born in a country
agricultural society
created trade & surplus which lead to social inequality
critisism of capitalism
social inequality
totalitarian goverment
total government control, one leader, rule by force
hunting and gathering societies
created substinance
used in smaller groups to gain power
convergence theory
capitalism & socialism coming together
no competition, control by state
democratic socialism
state & individual produce and distribute goods
partillineal decent
fathers side
serial fatherhood
father stays around for about a year then leaves kids to for kids w/new wife
social class and culture
family variable in diversity
marriage trends in US
married at an older age
man w/multiple wives
who says that family is universal
most likely to commit incest
blended family
divorce families coming together
father of what race is more likely to spend time with kids
family of orientation
family you grew up in
family of procreation
once a couple has a kid
family trends
# of kids desired has gone down
social class & child rearing
poor focus of following rules rich focus on intellect
grade inflation
curving the grade scale
ceremony or repetitive practice used in religion
who said religion is the opium of the people
what is the biggest determining factor of who will attend college
social class
goals of education
skills & knowledge, integration, culture & tracking
dysfunction of religion
war and persecution
most likely to drop out of school
hidden curriculum
obedience, things you learn at school that isnt school work
conflict perspective & schooling
school creates inequality
how does religion create social change
civil rights movement led by religious leaders
largest religion in US