Sociology Chapter 14

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Sociology Chapter 14

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During the _____ transition in U.S. education, public higher education burgeoned.
Prior to World War II, most colleges were
all of the above
A large proportion of the growth in college enrollment has been due to the increase of
women and minorities.
_____ emphasize the benefits of education in their analyses.
_____examine how the social context shapes students’ and teachers’ everyday experiences in education.
Symbolic interactionists
Which of the following is not a manifest function of education?
Schools often provide social services.
Which of the following is not a criticism of functionalist explanations of education?
They ignore the latent functions of education.
According to conflict theorists, schools have a _____ that transmits nonacademic knowledge, values and attitudes that legitimize economic inequality.
hidden curriculum
Schools in _____ neighborhoods encourage leadership, creativity and independence.
Until about _____, U.S. institutions of higher education banned women.
 Labeling is often based on tracking and can lead to
a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Which of the following is not a component of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)?
States must test private school students in reading and math.
Which one of the following is not a major criticism of the No Child Left Behind Act?
The test results motivate students to study harder.
Which one of the following statements about U.S. high school dropouts is false?
Females are more likely than males to drop out of high school.
Which of the following is not an argument in support of vouchers?
Students can use vouchers to buy books and school supplies.
 Evidence suggests that children participating in voucher programs
do not significantly differ in academic achievement from students who do not participate in voucher programs.
In the United States, what share of people age 25 or older has earned at least a college degree?
Which one of the following statements about IQ tests is false?
The racial IQ gap between white and black students has been fairly constant since 1978.
 Some critics maintain that _____ are too accepting of the educational inequality that they document.
feminist theorists
Which one of the following statements about grade inflation in college is false?
It gives students a realistic sense of their ability and accomplishments.
Criticisms of charter schools include all of the following statements except
They provide innovative teaching.
According to functionalists, education benefits
 Some researchers have concluded that “the most pressing issue related to gender gaps is the lagging performance of _____.”
boys in reading
Since 1970, 17-year-old Americans are performing _____ in reading and mathematics.
no better
Which of the following statements about charter schools is correct?
Children in charter schools perform no better or worse than children who are not in charter schools.