Sociology 100 Final

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Sociology 100 Final

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define neoliberalism
-deregulate economy and industry-privatization-cuts to social spending
what principle is neoliberalism based upon?
the ideal of the self-regulating market
Adam Smith (1700s)
John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946)
less laissez-faire, more mixed economy- private sector aided by state regulation
Friedrich Hayek
defended classic free market
Milton Friedman
free market; monetarism- gov't must control inflation through control of money in circulation
neoliberalist thinkers
adam smith, friedrich hayek, milton friedman
examples of neoliberalism
chile under pinochet ('70s)-cut wages, family allowances, edu. health and housing-unemployment went up to 30%SAPs-implemented by IMF encouraging free market
Paolo Freire
education forces generations to conform
multicultural vs antiracist education
static culture vs dynamic cultureracism=ignorance vs racism=embedded in social structuressensitization; celebration of difference vs examines history/practices supported by prejudicesuppositional vs oppositional
examples of diversity centred education
Afrocentric, First Nations, LGBT
critiques of diversity centred education
-exclusionary-segregation-no 'real world' preparation
manifest functions of education
math science english etc
latent functions of education
babysitting, socializationhistory- swayed to teach cultural values
durkheim religion definition
a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things
importance of studying religion
-to national identity-to diversity and multiculturalism-to understand world context and motives
commonalities of religious behaviour
-belief-ritual -experience
structural functions of religion
-integration-social support
conflict theory- religion
-social control-social change
functions of secularism (especially in France)
-social control-freedom of religion-separation of church and state
aspects of universal health care system
-publicly funded-equal access
examples of unequal access
first nations- high rates of tb, diabetes etclow-income- limited time/transportation for frequent checkupsrural- limited access
aspects of the healthcare system
financing (publicly funded in Canada)allocation (80% of the industry is female)delivery (private in both US and Canada- users pay for drugs
when the system makes you sick, not heals you (misdiagnosis, failed surgery, etc)
clinical iatrogenesis
contract a disease thats breeding in the hospital
cultural iatrogenesis
exaggeration of the power of the medical systemfalse belief in the ability of medical staff
social iatrogenesis
when political conditions that make a society unhealthy are hidden or obscured
problems with agriculture
-mechanization (emissions)-monoculture crops (decreased biodiversity)-GE foods (potential health/enviro ramifications)-High Yield Varieties (require more disease control, irrigation etc)
why is green so white?
language barrieraccess to ethnic foodsdiffering values- bike stigma