Selling And Sales Midterm

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Selling And Sales Midterm

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Intergrated marketing communications focuses on coordinating video with radio advertising. 
Normally, missionary salespeople and local distributor salespeople are intensively competitive with each other as each strives to take business away from the other
Six Sigma selling programs are desingned to reduce and eliminate errors in the selling system
As a field salesperson, Sheila schedules her sales calls, decides when she will do her paperwork, and, for the most part, controls her own time, and operates much like an independent entrepreneur.    
European customers place more emphasis on the rapport developed with a salesperson whereas U.S. firms look more at the size and reputation of the salespersons company
For consumers, value equals selling costs minus the selling price and effort
Customer satisfaction occurs when the buyer's expectations are met and needs fulfilled.
Relational partnerships are created explicitly for the purpose of uncovering and expoiting joint opportunities. 
The typical goal for market exchange selling is to maximize lifetime customer relationships.
Boundary-spanning employees are only needed in the early stages of the development of the buyer-seller relationship
Legal principles guide market exchange relationships
Bribes typically have no negative consequences for the purchasing agent's firm--only for the purchasing agent as an individual.
It is easy to develop a reimbursement policy that prevents salespeople from cheating and yet allows them the flexibility to cover their territory and enertain customers.
Since making the sale is ultimately the only thing that is important, you should refrain from criticizing your competitors' products. 
Factual statements, such as "It is easy to repair," or "parts are readily available," may be construed as expressed warranties when the sale involves complex products being sold to unsophisticated buyers.
Salespeople selling OEM products need to demonstrate that their product helps customers produce products which will offer superior value. 
Organizational selling often requires salespeople to know about the customer's customers
Global sourcing is a key factor in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.
Derived demand means demand is derived from the increase in GDP.
Life-cycle costing is a method of pricing based on product life cycle stages.
Two-way communication starts with decoding, the translation of thoughts into words, which are then encoded by the person receiving the communication. 
The 80-20 listening differential suggests salespeople should speak 80 percent of the time and listen 20 percent of the time. 
Customers may become annoyed if the salesperson overuses the active listening suggestion of repeating information
Most sales transactions take place in the personal zone
In a high context cultural such as found in the United States, lawyers are very important; wasting time is to be avoided; and competitive bidding is very common
Personal selling is the most effective marketing communication medium because it allows salespeople to manipulate customers.
Industrial purchasing agents rate the product knowledge of a salesperosn to  as the most important attribute of a good salesperson. 
The sales manager suggests "Lets talk about why you did not achieve your goals last month." The sales manager is providing diagnostic feedback.
Teddy has some very strong opinions on whether his local senator should be re-elected in the up-coming election, but he keeps them to himself. Because his opinions are so strongly held, it is correct to describe him as assertive.    
When considering social style and sales jobs, the best salespeople are amiables and drrivers.
The text defines personal selling as a business activity involving a person-to-person communication process during which a seller:
Uncovers and satisfies the needs of the buyer to the mutual, long term benifit of both parties
Valerie's goal as a sales rep is to add ____, which is the total benefit that her company's products and services provide to the buyer. 
Gwen is considering how to sell her new product.  She is considering Internet sales, hiring sales reps, using a manufactures rep, and several other options.  Gwen is considering her:
The primary vehicle for providing unpaid personal communications to customers is:
publicity/ word of mouth
The set of people and organizations responsible for the flow of products and services from producer to ultimat consumer is called a firm's:
Distribution channel
Gerry's company brought in the top performing salespeople and studied their sales presentations. Using the information gathered, the company developed a(n) _____________ for all salespeople to use without deviation. 
Canned sales pitch
The aggressive, arm-twisting, customers'-wants-don't-matter style of selling that created some of today's negative images of the selling profession is most closely associated with which era of the evolution of personal selling?  
sales era 1930-1960
During the _____ era of the evolution of personal selling, salespeople took on the role of problem solver and became responsible for identifying the customers' needs and demonstrating how their products would satisfy those needs.   
marketing era
___ are long term market exchanges in which the buyer purchases out of habit or routine. 
Functional relationships
The two types of partnerships between buyer and seller are called:
relational and strategic relationships
Ryan really wants to make his monthly quota. He has only two sales calls scheduled for the last day of the month. Ryan should attempt to __________ but not ___________ his customers.    
persuade but not munipulate
Ivan sells customized computer software and hardware to small businesses. To make the sale to Newport Nursery, he has offered to give the owner a reduced price if she will buy today. He initially quoted her a price $100 more than his company's list price; his bargain price is the list price. Ivan has:   
Been deceptive/ unethical
The manager of the linen section of the department store, purchases towels from the XXX Textile Company salesperson. If the salesperson were to give him a payment of five percent of the total sale once the order was placed, it would be an example of a:  
Dmitri is trying to establish a long-term relationship with the purchasing agent at Longwood Publishing, Inc. Over lunch, Dmitri told the agent that he accidentally saw a confidential memo on the CEO's desk that discussed the hostile takeover of Longwood's major competitor. What do you think of Dmitri's business behavior?  
will gail a reputation of being untrustworthy
Salespeople engage in _____ when they ignore a purchasing agent's (PA) policy against contacting other employees without the PA's permission, go around the PA's back, and contact other people involved in the purchasing decision directly. 
back door selling
Reginald is determining which new products he will add to his gift and card store.  As a reseller, Reginald considers three elements: 
Profit margin, turnover, effort
Salespeople need to understand that purchases made by their customers' customers exemplify:
Derived Demand
In which stage of the buying process was the chief executive of Norell, an agency that supplies businesses with temporary workers, when he realized that the health-care industry necessitated temporary workers as much if not more than goods-oriented businesses?   
Recognizing a need or a problem/step 1
Regan wants to develop a long term relationship with his customers.  To accomplish this objective Regan will pay close attention to:
Evualating product performance/ step 8
 Handell has established a small company that manufactures decorative items for the home. One of the company's newest items is a line of thermometers reproduced from ones that were given away free before World War II. Since quality is essential to the company's success, it spent a great deal of time and effort locating the best suppliers for the metal, wood, paint, and mercury that went into its first production. The purchase of these components would be an example of a _____ buying situation   
new task
In two way communication, encoding and decoding referto ____ and ____ thoughts and interpretations. 
What should a salesperson do if a prospect asks him to conduct the sales presentation near a large, noisy piece of assembly line equipment while the prospect watches the line for any malfunctions?    
ask to move the meeting to a quieter place
Instead of describing the product, the salesperson was nodding her head and using expressions like, "really?" "uh-huh" and " "That's interesting." The salespersons:
active listening/ two way communication
In the United States, which of the following nonverbal communications is positive and indicates the listener is interested in the message being communicated? 
making eye contact
The physical space between two people who are interacting can be divided into four zones. The zone closest to a person (two feet or less) is called the _____ zone. 
Jimmy sells encyclopedias. Every time he knocks on the door, he begins by asking, "Are there any small children in the house?" From there, he asks their age, and if the parent has considered preparing for their future. If the door is not slammed in his face, he begins to list the benefits of owning a set of encyclopedias. He always lists the benefits in the same way and always ends his presentation by saying, "You need to buy your child a set of these books to protect his or her future." Because Jimmy makes no adjustments as he talks to prospect, it can be said that Jimmy is using a(n) _____ presentation.  
canned or standard memorized
Fiona has developed an outline presentation rather than use the company's standard memorized presentation. She knows an outline presentation has the advantage(s) of being:   
Before Harley can make a customized presentation he will need cooperation from the customer in conducting:   
a detailed analysis of customers needs
When Tony sells his company's line of wind chimes to Tom King, the owner of King's Nursery, he carries one with him and illustrates its melodious sound to the customer. When Tony sells his company's line of wind chimes to Milt Pressley, the owner of Franklin Hardware, he shows Pressley the sales projections for next year. This ability to vary his sales presentation indicates that Tony is using ______ selling.  
adaptive selling
"Your approach on that last call was off-target. You were emphasizing low acquisition cost while the prospect seemed more interested in durability and the lack of need for regular maintenance," critiqued Robin's sales manager after the two of them left a sales call they had made together. Robin is receiving _____ feedback.   
diagnostic feedback