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large circular downwarped structured
a transform fault is
a strikeslip fault that forms the boundary between tectonic plates
accreditary wedge
is a thick accumulation of sediments and small tectonic blocks formed of material scraped off a descending lithospheric plate
A graben is
A hanging wall block that has moved down between two normal faults.
Reverse fault
the hanging block moves up with respect tot eh footwall block
San andreas strike slip fault in california
Is the boundary between the north american and pacific plates.
What combinations should favor folding rather than faulting
high temperatures and high confining pressure
Isotomic movement
uplifts areas recently covered by thick continental ice sheets.
folded limestones that occur high in the himalayas were originally deposited as sediments in
Marine basins between india and eurasia
The concept that rocks of the crust and upper mantle are floating in gravitational balances
Cooler temperatures
Brittle deformation would be favored over  ductile deformation in what conditions?
Transform faults are also
strike slip faults
A good example of a present day passive continental margin is
east coast of north america
What element is the most abundant in the earths crust by weight
characteristics shape of a mineral is known as
most valuable and most reliable physical property used for identification of minerals is
useful in mineral identification and the color of the powdered mineral is the term for
atoms that have different numbers of neutrons and same number of protons is
isotope of the same element
how many neutrons are in it's nucleau if the atoms mass number is 13 and atomic number is 6
what is not one of the eight most common elements in earths crust?
atoms tend to gain lose or share electrons until tehy are surrounded by how many valence electrons
mineral groups that exhibit sheet like silicate structure
atoms that have an electrical charge due to gain or loss of electrons