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the female part that contains eggs
the male part the produces pollen
colorful things to attracts insects to spread pollen
if pollen lands on the stigma the flower is _______
pollen travels down the style to the ovary_________ occurs and seeds r made
pollination is done by _____ and _______
bees birds
some pollination is done by ________ and _______
wind insects
how is a flower pollenated 
how pollen fertilizes the flower
how seeds begin to grow inside a fruit
how the seeds get spread and grow into a new plant
fossils of flowering plants that the dinosaurs fed on probebly had a ______ stem ________  __ _______ _______
single    hundreds     of      flower    blossems
bee like insects that developed during the -------------- ---- helped during these flowers just as honrybees pollenate _____ % of crops today
Mesozoic Era          85
how honey bees help pollenate flowering plants
1. A worker honeybee leaves the hive to search for pollen.  Honeybees need pollen to make honey. 2.  He files to a flower and collect tiny pollen grains from the flower's stamen.  He carries the pollen in a "basket" on his hind leg. 3.  He files to another flower.  Some of the pollen grains shake off and fall on the stigma to the flower. 4.  The honeybee carries the rest of the pollen grans back to the hive to feed the young honeybees and the queen. 5.  The flower begins to make a seed that will eventually grow into a new flower. 6.Many flowering plants depend on the small honeybee to help them transfer pollen so that new plants can grow into flow that can soon be pollenated again 7. how honeybees help is that when the con to a flower pollen gets on there wings that spread into other flowers that will then turn into new flowers that is like a cycle of flowers.
What are the basic parts of the a flower? (4 [2 with subcategories])
1. The Stamen has an anther at the top and filament below.   2. The Pistol has a stigma at the top, style in the middle and ovary at the bottom   3.  Petals 4.  Sepal
Label the basic parts of a flower
label parts of a flower
label parts of a flower
What happens  when a pollen grain reaches the stigma of another flower (cross pollination)?
A pollen tube is produced with a flower of the same species and it grows down the style until it reaches the ovule.  Fertilization takes place, resulting in a seed.