Science- Chemistry 7

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What is matter?
-particle that makes up every living thing and every material object
What is a solid?
-a form of matter that has a fixed shape
-its shape stays the same unless forced on
What is a liquid?
-a fluid form of matter
-it has no state of it's own
-takese the shape of the container and forms a surface within it
What is gas?
-fluid form of matter
-no shape of its own
-takes the shape of container and fiils it fully
What is volume?
-the quantity of space an object takes up
What is physical change?
-material may change its shape or state
-but keeps its identity
What is a chemical change?
-one type of matter changes to produce one or more different types of matter
-matter that is produced has different identity and different properties
What is reversible change?
-a change that can be undone (physical change)
-melting ice
What is non-reversible change?
-chemical change
-burning paper
What is the particle model of matter?
-scientific description of many different features of matter
-all matter are made of particles too small to see
-the particles are always in motion
-the particles have empty spaces between them
-particles at a higher temperature move faster than particles at a lower temperature
-each substance has its own kind of particle