Sci 9 - Chemistry - TOPIC 2 Of 10

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Sci 9 - Chemistry - TOPIC 2 Of 10

Notes For Sci 9 In Alberta. Curriculum As Of Feb. 2010.

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Lab Safety
What are the two types of symbols that may appear on a chemical?
1) WHMIS Symbols
2) Hazard Symbols
What are the three parts of a Hazard Symbol?
1) Shape
2) Colour
3) Picture
What are the shapes and colours of the hazard symbols?
1) Upside Down Triangle - Yellow
2) Diamond - Orange
3) Octagon (stop sign - eight sides) - Red
What do the colours on hazard symbols mean?
Yellow - Caution - could cause minor injury if misused.
Orange - Warning - could cause serious injury if misused.
Red - Danger - could kill if misused.
The Picture inside the border on a harzard symbolizes what?

The different Hazards.
The picture on the left is an example of a hazard symbol.
What does WHMIS stand for?

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
Picture on the left is a WHMIS Symbol
What is WHMIS used for?
It helps you determine possible risks associated with the product that you are using.
What does WHMIS include?
2) Labeling on Products
3) A Warning Symbol System
What do MSDS's do?
They give you info on all aspects of the specific product.
What does MSDS stand for?
Material Safety Data Sheet
What two Labels are used in WHMIS?
1) A Supplier Label
2) A Workplace Label