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Scholastic Bowl Flash Cards

Basic Information That Comes Up In Scholastic Bowl. Questions That Everyone Should Know If They Are In Scholastic Bowl.

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This desert, covered with solid water, is considered a desert due to lack of precipitation. It's tallest mountain is Vinson Massif and is surrounded by the Ross and Weddell seas. Name this desert.
This desert, home of the Berbers and Tuaregs, is dominated by rocky regions, sand seas, salt flats, and dry river valleys that are subject to flat floods. Name this desert located in Northern Africa that is the second largest desert in the world.
Sahara Desert
This desert was the primary bone in the War of the Pacific between Chili and Bolivia that sought for control of its nitrate resources. Name this desert that is the rain shadow of the Andes and is the driest hot desert in the world.
Atacama Desert
This desert, famous for its San Bushmen and their click language. It is most known for its red sand, large game reserves, and uranium deposits. Name this desert that is located in Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana.
Kalahari Desert
This desert, associated with the Joshua tree, is bounded by the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountain ranges. Name this desert that is home to the lowest and driest point of North America, Death Valley.
Mojave Desert
After the Arabian desert, this desert is the second largest desert in Asia. It is bounded on the north by the Altai Mountains. It is known for its role in the Silk Road trading route and the Nemegt Basin, where fossilized dinosaur eggs and human artifacts have been found. Name this desert.
Gobi Desert