Sales Force Management Exam 2 Chapter 8

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Sales Force Management Exam 2 Chapter 8

Sales Force Management Chapter 8

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Selection Criteria
Criteria for selecting good salespeople
Physical Characteristics
·       Cannot be legally collected for use in the selection process – age race, etc.
Skill variables
Aptitude, Personal Characteristics,  Skill Levels, Role Perceptions, Motivation, & Organizational and environmental factors 
Native abilities and enduring personal traits relevant to the performance of the job – management: recruitment and selection processes
Personal Characteristics
physical characteristics, family background, education, work and sales experience, and lifestyle – management: recruitment and selection processes
Skill Levels
learned proficiencies at performing job activities – management: training and supervision
Role Perceptions
perceptions of job demands and the expectations of role partners – management: training and supervision and account management policies
desire to expend effort on specific job activities – management: compensation and reward systems
Organizational and environmental factors
Sales potential of a salesperson’s territory, salesperson’s autonomy, company’s competitive strength, etc. – management: Sales force organization; territory design; marketing programs
Trade selling
Age, maturity, empathy, knowledge of customer and business methods
Missionary selling
Youth, high energy and stamina, verbal skills, persuasiveness
Technical selling
Education, product and customer knowledge, intelligence
New-business selling
Experience, age and maturity, aggressiveness, persuasiveness, persistence